Bring Back the Fun, Closeness and Sizzle in Your Marriage!

Is married life all you had hoped and dreamed it would be?  Do you feel loved and cherished?
Learn how to create lasting happiness in your marriage!
Dear Busy Wife and Mom,
Getting married at age 20 was a dream come true.  We were going to move into our honeymoon cottage and live happily ever after. But once the wedding was over, reality set in.  Before we’d been married six weeks, I was wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into!
More than thirty-one years later, we HAVE lived happily ever after.  We’ve had our share of struggles and difficult circumstances (hey, we’ve had twelve kids!), but through it all we learned to live together in love.  In fact, we’re more in love now than we’ve ever been.
Let me show you how to build a happy marriage, understand your husband, and enjoy his affection for you!
Whether you’ve been married two years or twenty, you can feel closer to each other and stop the misunderstandings.  This class will give you practical, actionable steps and insights gained from more than thirty years of marriage. 
·      What motivates your husband (psst!  It’s not what you think!)
·      Unraveling the mystery of why your husband gets upset at your innocent comments
·      Straight talk about your private physical relationship
·      3 keys that will cause him to adore you!
·      How to improve your marriage without talking about it
Quite frankly, the secrets I’m going to share were learned the hard way.  Tears, frustration, heartache, loneliness and anger—you name it, we’ve been there.  I would have LOVED to have listened to something like this when I was a young wife and resentful mom of little ones.
Anyone who knows us personally would attest to the fact that my husband adores me! 
Yes, I’m fortunate, but I assure you I could have driven him away if I had kept doing the things that I’m going to show you NOT to do. 
After years of studying and trial-and-error, I’ll share with you the truth about how you can have a closer, more fun relationship with your husband.
I’m not a trained counselor or certified therapist, so this class is not for those who are in abusive relationships.  But if you’re just a little sad or frustrated about your marriage, and you’d like to move beyond that to a more loving, happy marriage, this is the class for you.
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  • 1.5 hour mp3 recording, including bonus Q&A session
  • Learning Guide to help you get the most out of listening and applying what you’ve discovered

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It’s time to take the first step toward a happier, more intimate marriage!

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