Medical School Graduation Party

Our (very large) family loves to throw a celebration party, mainly because we love an excuse to get together and eat! But when our daughter-in-law graduated from medical school, it was an extra-special event to celebrate.

Nate and Chesney had already moved out of state where she would begin her surgery residency soon, so we wanted to make it a combo graduation/going away party. They flew home for the weekend graduation ceremony, so we scheduled a Saturday afternoon medical school graduation party to give them to time to have a special lunch with her family.

Having a theme is especially fun, and you’ll see that we got a bit crazy with some of it! Most of the ideas came from our friend Pinterest, but we added a few original touches.

Jello shots were a big hit with all ages! They were surprisingly un-messy for little ones. Just make jello and use syringes to suck up the liquid, then put in the fridge to set. (We ordered a box of new syringes from Amazon). The pan was covered in foil to resemble a metal hospital sterile tray. And of course we needed a receptacle for used “needles” (along with a jar of cotton candy “gauze”):

Okay, some of you might be grossed out by this one but it was hilarious. “Stool samples” which were pudding cups (not pictured:”urine sample” lemonade):

Equally gross–but actually delicious–were bandaids (graham crackers with candy bark and a dollop of jelly):

There were a variety of medical supplies, such as pain relievers (mini M&M candies), tongue depressors (wafer cookies), clogged arteries (licorice twizzlers), and cotton swabs (pretzels dipped in candy bark):

Patients could take their daily medicine at this party (candy in medicine cups):

The medical school graduation party decor and food were set up on the dining table in the kitchen. The going away party portion was displayed on the countertop nearby:

One of our family’s traditional favorite goodies was displayed in a small wooden suitcase. Here’s the recipe for Scotcheroos

This was a great party because of how much fun we had with the theme! The graduate loved it!

Side note: Her mom brought the antipasto platter. It was identical to those served at Nate and Chesney’s wedding a few months ago, between the ceremony and dinner reception. The bride and groom didn’t get to eat any of it then, so they made up for it at this party!

Here they are, moments after graduation:

We wish them all the best in the busy days ahead!! Thanks for taking a peek and celebrating with us at this medical school graduation party!

Most of the photography by Kim Metcalf and Lanie Siems. Huge thanks to Sarah Vera for her extensive assistance. Thanks, girls!


  1. Lisa Trompeter says:

    Aw! We live in Oklahoma City. How are they doing? Have they found a church? I’d love to welcome them if that would be desired.

    1. Charlotte says:

      Hi Lisa! They actually moved FROM Oklahoma City to Minnesota. They’ve found a good church there, and are doing great!

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