Crazy How Midlife Sneaks Up on You

How did you get to be a midlife mom so fast? You have a baby or two (or in my case, twelve), and the next thing you know they’re in high school. Or grown and gone. It’s a season of life that sorta sneaks up on you, yet here we are.

It took me a while to realize that I was still trying to live in the previous season of life. Struggling with time management because my brain didn’t get the memo that kids weren’t going to interrupt. Frustrated with slower recovery from a minor surgery. Changes in my skin (let’s be real: wrinkles and sagging). I even started a podcast about homeschooling and felt zero inspiration to continue.

Midlife Realization

Then someone asked me if my “authority” to teach on that topic was old and dried-up because it no longer fit who I have grown into.

That question caught my attention. I hadn’t paid attention to the expiration date on life as it used to be. And it helped me understand why that podcast didn’t get past 5 episodes (even though it somehow gathered 1,000+ downloads over a year of sitting). It was painful to delete, but also FREEING to move on.

New Mom Midlife Podcast

And that brings us here. New podcast and all the trimmings. Honestly this feels pretty scary but I’m old enough to know that when something feels scary you’re usually supposed to do it. (Disclaimer: not talking about cliff diving or getting a pet tarantula).

The first episode will be up within a week. Saying that for accountability. Even though this blog is not being read by anyone. Yet. It’s crazy how midlife snuck up on me, but once I recognized it, I’m all in! Midlife Mom: the best is yet to come!

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