What Happens When Mom is Gone

What Happens When Mom is Gone

by Charlotte Siems
This photo shows what happens when your older brother spent last summer in Colorado and is now babysitting you during Christmas break from college.  
Things happen when Mom is gone.
For the most part our older children have been trustworthy and responsible when the younger children are in their care.  It’s just that sometimes we find out–later–how things really went.
One adult son admitted that in his high school days, after parents left for the evening, everyone got busy putting away breakables. Then they began world-class pillow fights or Blindman’s Bluff, complete with rules.  Finally, china and knicknacks were carefully replaced, and we always came home to a clean house and calm children ready for bed.  
Except I never could figure out how a certain lamp kept getting bent and broken.
Sometimes when we are leaving, after the door closes I hear faint cheering and cries of “They’re gone!  Let’s partyyyy!!”  I usually re-open the door and warn them “I heard that!”  They’re joking, of course.  I think.
Charlotte Siems is a home-maker, home manager, T-Tapp Trainer, teacher, speaker and author.  Her story of losing over 100 pounds with T-Tapp has encouraged thousands of people all over the world.  She specializes in making home management and T-Tapp “doable” for real people and real life.  She is happy to be a wife and mother of twelve children whom she has successfully taught at home for 25 years.

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  1. Charlotte,

    As a mom to 6 boys (ages 21-2) I hear the same comments as I am leaving and usually come home to a clean house.  In the days that follow, I find Nerf bullets in light fixtures, under my bed, 9 feet up on top of the China Hutch………..It is a wonder we ever leave.  However, I know they are building memories together and nothing seems worse for wear. 🙂

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