Moment of Truth

“Today I took my “before” measurements and the moment of truth hit me. I’ve been so busy with my large family for many years that it was easy to ignore the shape I was in.
[break][/break]Losing weight aside, I’m terribly flabby and my thighs qualify me for Queen of Cellulite. I guess I have “sticker shock” after getting the numbers. Is there anyone else here for whom T-Tapp was their first exercise program?
[break][/break]This looks like a huge mountain looming before me now. Maybe this is just a stage of reality that everyone goes through. This is no longer about looking better for two of my children’s weddings this summer. This is about rebuilding and restoring my body from the inside out for life!”

This quote was part of my very first post on the T-Tapp forum, February 24, 2007.  Having just bought the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp, I used the chart in the book to record my measurements.  Boy, that was a shocker.  52” abs. 
This post reveals an awakening to truth.  I looked myself (and my body) squarely in the eye, no more denial, no more hiding.  Increasing health issues were getting harder to ignore.  At the age of 47, I realized I wanted to be around to see my 1-year-old and 3-year-old grow up. 
Reality is sometimes not fun.  But facing reality is the first step in the journey of change.  If I had gone back to hiding from the reality of my body, I would probably be diabetic, fairly disabled with bad knees and in a size 24W by now,  six years later. 
What will it mean two years from now if you continue on the path you are on now?  Whether that path is denial or resolution, what will be the result as the years pass? 
I encourage you to take the path of truth.  Face reality, wake up and choose to start the journey.  Although it can seem overwhelming, the journey starts with the first step. 
[break][/break]What can you do right now, today?  One workout. 
[break][/break]You may only have the faith for one workout and that’s okay.  Do that one.  One plus one equals two, and you’re on your way.
[break][/break]When you face the truth, it sets you free. 


  1. Leah McMunn says:

    Wow……..your post is where i am right now. I am a mother of small children. I am 41 years old and weigh 285. I recorded my measurements this weekend and i could barely get the tape measure around my hips. I have lots of knee pain and i know if i don’t make changes now, it will only get worse.
    Thank you for this post.

  2. I am binge reading your blog and this is my favourite so far, it’s got me thinking-hard.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      “Binge reading” lol–thanks so much!

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