Four or More to Sizes to Lose With T-Tapp

Four or More Sizes to Lose with T-Tapp
by Charlotte Siems
When you participate in a T-Tapp contest, you choose which category to enter:  Less to Lose, Average to Lose or More to Lose.  Less to Lose means you have one or less sizes to lose, Average to Lose is one to three sizes and the More to Lose is four or more sizes to lose.  
If you are a More to Lose T-Tapper, can I give you a high-five and then a hug?  A high-five for making the effort to move your body and improve your health.  And a hug for encouragement on the long road to your goal.
I’ve said before that the challenge as a More to Lose person is the tendency to focus on how far you have to go, rather than how far you’ve come.
For me, just getting out of the recliner and lacing up my shoes was a big change in habits, lifestyle and mindset.  Along the way I often had to take myself (and my thoughts) in hand to avoid wallowing in discouragement and impatience.
I almost felt like wearing a trench coat and sunglasses when I bought my first fitness magazine.  I had never considered myself the fitness type and at first it felt like I didn’t belong in the exercise world.  But T-Tappers are so friendly and supportive that it didn’t take long to get into the flow of things.  
I wanted to reach my goal NOW.  Like today.
But I knew I hadn’t gotten in that shape overnight and I wasn’t going to get out of it overnight either.
It takes a special brand of hope and perseverance to lose a large amount of weight and inches.
But *NEWS FLASH* it is entirely doable one day at a time.
I kept myself motivated and encouraged by taking advantage of the support and friendship available on the T-Tapp forums, plus a healthy dose of reading success stories.
I had days of feeling like it would take forever.  But when it was over it seemed like it went fast.
I’ve lived as a Less to Lose person for nearly five years now.  It took me a long time to call myself that.  It took an even longer time for my mind to adjust to my smaller size and yes, sometimes I still feel fat. Occasionally I still have a hard time being in photos and videos.
I have a special respect and empathy for More to Lose T-Tappers because I lived it for so many years. Believe me, you’re in the right place with the right workout to feel better and change your life, and I salute you.  
Now lace up your shoes and push *play*!
The Renewing Me Virtual Coaching Program was designed especially for those with More to Lose, by a former More to Lose certified T-Tapp Trainer!



  1. You're right! It does take “a special brand of hope and perseverance” Great post!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Can I just say to all, HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU ?

    Well, it’s too late, it is done!

    LOVE YA and thank you for sharing that much, for being such a great role model to a WHOLE group of people who feels what you felt or still do.

    Thank you for not trying to say things that would sell but would not represent who you are!

    «mouahh» from your friend in Quebec,

  3. Swietenia says:

    I want –scratch that- I NEED to be a “special brand” but I have to conffess I’m scared. Scared of only starting, of only getting exited about this, of getting discouraged and stopping — well I bet some of you know that feeling. Charlotte, please pray for me, and all of us who need to be that “special brand.” Thank you – hugs!!

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