This Kid Will Never Be Potty-Trained

Have you ever felt like your circumstances will last forever? Do you ever get exasperated and think that your current situation will stretch into eternity?

For instance:

This kid will never be potty-trained.

I will be homeschooling the rest of my life.

I’m never going to have this baby.

I’ll never get a full night’s sleep.

Let me give you a bit of older mom perspective:  None of those circumstances are permanent.

Our child who was the oldest when he potty-trained does not currently wear diapers to work.  Names won’t be named to protect the guilty, but let’s just say this child grew up to be a man whom we’re very proud of.

Homeschooling will come to an end.  I think.  Having graduated seven so far, I know how fast it goes. (update: #12 is graduating soon. It did indeed go fast).

Every pregnancy I had, no matter how overdue—even 23 days overdue—eventually came to an end and the baby was born.  Now those babies are having babies of their own.

At this stage of life I usually get a full night’s sleep, even though I had more than 25 years of babies and toddlers.

Three years from now, the things you’re doing today will seem like only yesterday.

Twenty years from now they will be fond, wistful memories.

And we thought this would last forever.


  1. Thanks so much for this encouragement which came at the very moment (literally!) that I needed it! After my second-in-a-row sleep deprived night with a 2-year old and 3-month old, I got up rather grumpily early this morning to feed the baby. I had just rocked her back to sleep (while throwing myself a grand little pity party about not getting enough sleep myself) when I realized my phone was in reach and decided to check my email. Guess what I found!? 🙂 Your note really encouraged me and convicted for feeling sorry for myself! It actually reminded me that just yesterday I told my husband that I wish I could go back and have just one more cuddly day with the older children as babies again! Thanks for the reminder that every season is precious!

  2. So true, Charlotte. I tell my daughter-in-law this all the time! But when you’re in the middle of difficult times, it’s easy to forget. It FEELS like it’s going to last forever.

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