October T-Tapp Deep Discount Tuesday

View from my room at the 2013 T-Tapp Retreat!
View from my room at the 2013 T-Tapp Retreat!

It’s Deep Discount Tuesday at T-Tapp! This month’s special is Step It to the Max. It’s a 40-minute walking workout that is a little faster pace than Step Away the Inches, with a few different moves. You know how I like short workouts, and this one is no exception.

Wait, 40 minutes is short? Naw–I just do the first 20 minutes (about up to the water break) one day, and 20 minutes another day. It’s a great walking workout to add some variety and a little more challenge. You’ll also learn how to apply T-Tapp form to all of your walking, to lose some inches and tighten and tone.

Deep Discount Tuesday is almost like a secret sale–we don’t know what’s being offered until it comes up! Here’s the deal: Step It to the Max is only $10 until midnight EST, Tuesday, October 15 (with a limit of 3).

 Get together with some girlfriends and split the shipping!

Here’s the link for a super $10 workout DVD: October Deep Discount Tuesday (link is expired)

Don’t worry if you have to take some extra water breaks to get through your 20 minutes. Water helps you burn fat and the break will help you re-set for better form, which means better results.

Ten bucks is a great deal on a T-Tapp workout that is a nice change from standing workouts. Grab the deal before it disappears at midnight!

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  1. Do you know what the discount will be for November? thanks!

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