Overwhelmed? Five Questions to Get You Moving

My son asked me about some upcoming dates so we could coordinate our calendars. After adding his events to my calendar, I was suddenly overcome by a sense of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed about the upcoming month. The number of responsibilities seemed staggering, and I felt almost paralyzed with fear.

Later that day I pulled out my journal and started scribbling questions, to bring myself back to reality. I knew that all of these events were going to happen and everything was going to get done, so there was no point in spoiling the time until then with stress and despair.

Maybe the five questions will help you, too.

1)  What makes me feel more organized and on top of things?

My list included:

House visually neat (no piles of clutter because they are an emotional drain)

Simple meals planned and groceries bought

Get up early

Self care: exercise, dressed, makeup early in the day

Start day with Bible/journaling

Do things ahead, not last-minute

2)  What are some things I could delegate/hire?

My answers mostly had to do with business, but I’m not above paying older children to declutter a younger sibling’s bedroom or do some other extra cleaning project

3)  How could I batch some tasks?

Again, these answers were mostly business like outlining blog articles and writing several first paragraphs, but this could include doubling a recipe and freezing half, browning five pounds of hamburger or running all the errands in one afternoon.

4)  What lies am I believing?

This could be things like:

I need to drop everything to respond to text messages and Facebook messages.

I am not enough.

God is not enough.

I can’t do this.

I’m bad for feeling this way.

I’m just not good at __________.

5)  What’s the truth?

I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

When I feel bad about myself, I’m making myself (rather than the greatness of God) the center of attention.

The important stuff will get done. I can either spoil today by dreading and fretting or I can remain calm and make a plan.

All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances]. ~ Proverbs 15:15, Amplified Bible

Despond means to be depressed by a loss of hope, confidence or courage, to become dejected and lose confidence and to become disheartened or discouraged. And where does all that start? With believing lies and thinking the thoughts that go with them. Step back and recognize the lies, and you’re on your way to a continual feast.

If you find yourself in the clutches of overwhelm, sit down with pen and paper. Move through these questions and write your honest answers.

Don’t let despond keep you trapped in lies. Please don’t waste your life on dread and worry over all you have to do.

Somewhere in the world, there is probably someone who would love to trade places with you.

Use these questions as a tool to get you thinking straight and making practical plans. Start small. After realizing that neat surroundings were mentally freeing to me, I started with one room, my bedroom. The results motivated me to work through other areas, a little each day.

Don’t be paralyzed by overwhelm. Sometimes we’re afraid if we write it all down we’ll get even more overwhelmed. But writing it down helps us classify and sort and often find out it isn’t as bad as we think.

Ask yourself these five questions—or any other questions that pop up to help you—and you’ll find that the truth sets you free. Stepping back to evaluate your thought process is sometimes all you need to get new perspective. Talk it through with your spouse or friend if that helps. Use the five questions as a tool to get you moving….beyond overwhelm.

What other questions could you ask of yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed?


  1. Just what I needed to hear today!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I’m glad, Wendy! It’s shared from very recent experience! 🙂

  2. Today’s blog, for me, is the most helpful to date!!!
    It’s a reminder of my goal in life…. to live a balanced life. Sometimes seems impossible!
    You seem to be able to give “concrete” suggestions on how to live a BALANCED life.
    Thank you so much!
    I feel like this balance eludes me so often but with your ideas I feel encouraged and equipped to keep on keeping on.
    A good question to ask myself is, “Does this schedule of mine have eternal value?”
    Balancing “things to do” and “relationships” is a key factor.
    Key: Starting the day with GOD!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Sooo true, Laronda, about balancing to do’s and relationships! In a crisis we realize what’s important in a hurry, and how much better to live every day with that in mind. I agree with your “key”–my days are so much better when I start that way! And on days when I didn’t, it’s never too late to stop and connect with Him for wisdom and strength! {Hugs!}

  3. What a great article! I need this plastered all over my house!!! It was like you were explaining my thoughts!! ???? thanks for the encouragement today! You are spot-on!!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Glad to encourage you, Amy! Been there, done that–that’s why I can write it, lol.

  4. Another good question is, “Which of these things really won’t make a difference today or this week?” Then move them to a long term list. (And tuck that list away until the overwhelming feeling disappears).

    Thanks for a great article.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      GREAT question, Diane! Perspective is HUGE, and that question helps!

  5. K Schroff says:

    Reading your article has refreshed me this morning.

    Just what I needed.

    Thank you.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I’m glad it refreshed you, K! Carry on!

  6. Thank you Charlotte for this post! The lies come fast and furious at me lately!

  7. Myrla Pate says:

    I just stumbled upon your site, while looking for T-tapp info. I’m overwhelmed, overweight, piles of clutter are taunting me – our lives are so busy and feel out of control, and there is that sinking feeling that I’m going to end up spending so much time just trying to keep IP, that I’ll never have the time to fully realize my life dream of being a writer. However, just reading some of your posts tonight helped ‘talk me off the ledge’. I signed up with my email for your new posts or newsletters. I’m looking forward to reading more. I think all will be better with some sleep, also. Thanks Charlotte…

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