Preparation for Mom Being Gone

Preparation for Mom Being Gone

by Charlotte Siems

For many years, trips out of town without children were very rare. But over the last few years life shifted and now I take business-related trips a few times a year. I’m certainly not a business traveler-type—believe me, I’m home most of the time. But since flying to Florida for the first time five years ago to attend my first T-Tapp Retreat, I’ve gone enough places to develop a routine for preparations.

Here’s a list of to-do’s to get everything ready when Mom will be gone for several days (not including the 1.2 million other preparations like going to the bank, picking up dry cleaning and making arrangements for children’s activities):

  • Go grocery shopping for meals and snacks (keeping in mind: the simpler the better and probably including more convenience foods than usual).
  • Make sure household supplies like toilet paper are stocked up.
  • Make a list of meals and available snacks (with instructions, if needed).
  • Make sure the younger children’s laundry is done so that their drawers are stocked with underwear and clothes.
  • If you’ll be gone over a Sunday, designate church clothes and shoes.
  • Begin packing at least two days in advance so no last-minute packing marathon.
  • Along with the list of meals, make a daily list of appointments and activities (who needs to be where, when).
  • Take photos of everyone with your phone so you’ll have them with you.

Some things I pack when I’ll be staying in a hotel longer than one night:

  • Instant oatmeal and granola for breakfast (for oatmeal sans milk)
  • A bowl and spoon
  • Essential oils for good sleep
  • Almonds, dried fruit, protein bars or other snacks
  • A baggie of powdered coffee creamer (hotel rooms never have enough)

You probably have some tips for how the family can prepare for a few days without Mom. Share them with us in the comments below!



  1. Which Essential oils for good sleep do you use and how are they used?

  2. Charlotte says:

    Young Living essential oils changed my sleep (especially with adrenal fatigue which tends to disturb sleep)! Before bed I apply magnesium gel with two drops of Peace and Calming and two drops of Lavender to my feet (then lotion to avoid the sticky feel). Then Stress Away on my wrists, Tranquil behind ears and on temples. If I wake up in the night, I re-apply Stress Away and Tranquil. The first night I used oils, I dreamed vividly for the first time in a lonnnggg time.
    (my distributor number is 1209500). Hope this helps! (fact: when a drop of essential oil is applied to a fingertip, it shows up in hair analysis ten minutes later!)

  3. We love to travel. I had my first trip without kids in years last summer (half was business / half was a trip across the desert with my mom). I used to travel 50% of time when I worked before kids and some travel habits die hard . . . LOL. One think I find most helpful is to keep a separate setup of makeup / skin care / hair care that is just for traveling. In this day of having to have 3 oz bottles of everything when you fly, it helps to just keep a separate set for travel. Before I leave, I make sure all those 3 oz. containers are full 🙂

  4. In addition to your (fabulous) list —
    I leave a plentiful supply of disposable dishes, cups, and cutlery to minimize meal cleanup issues.
    The suggested menu and snacks go on sticky notes so they can be rearranged by the designated cook as necessary.
    I leave a copy of our medical insurance card and a list of any known allergies for the children.
    If my husband is leaving with me, we leave a signed medical care authorization and medical provider contact information.

  5. Hi Charlotte! Great article right on time! I’m going away by my self for the first time ever this weekend! One of my major tasks is labeling and organizing the natural medicine chest so people can find the things they may need while I’m away.So much of the care is second nature to me and I have many sub stations for speed of life natural care! Time to reel it all in and write up directions .

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