Here’s where to start:  Charlotte’s E-book

Renewing Me:  Size 22 to 6, 15 Minutes at a Time

Charlotte found the time and motivation to lose over 100 pounds and 9 sizes while managing her busy household and homeschooling most of her twelve children.  Here’s the answer to all of your questions about what she specifically did to get results and keep it doable.  Click here for details.

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If you’re really serious about a Step-by-Step Plan to a New Life, the next step is virtual coaching. You have two choices: 

60-Day Virtual Coaching Program (Especially for those with 4 or more sizes to lose, but great for anyone):

Click here for details:  Renew Me Virtual Coaching Program (Especially for Those with More to Lose)  


30-Day Virtual Coaching Program (For those 1-3 sizes to lose):

Click here for details:  Renew You Virtual Coaching Program


Webinars with Charlotte

What is a webinar?  It’s a recorded session that includes Charlotte on video, slides with notes and the Q&A chat.  Much more than just audio, watch the webinar online–as many times as you like!

Lose the Weight, Lose the Diet
This one-hour webinar gives you the secrets for success that Charlotte discovered while losing over 100 pounds (and keeping it off–for years!).  She discusses what to eat and how to eat it so that your body drops excess weight.  Find out how to lose weight permanently with a simplified approach (and without dieting)!
Gain immediate access to the Lose the Weight, Lose the Diet online webinar for only $17 

Zero to Consistency
A 50-minute webinar on how to stay consistent with your T-Tapp exercise for long-term results.  Consistency is one of the biggest problems people have with exercise, and Charlotte will show you how to keep going and keep it doable with your busy life.  Consistency is what helped her lose over 140″ and 9 sizes, so tune in for easy ways to do it yourself!
Gain immediate access to the Zero to Consistency online webinar for only $17 
Fit in Fitness When You Don’t Have Time
This one-hour webinar was recorded during a Beauty and Wellness Bootcamp where Charlotte was a featured speaker.  She tells her T-Tapp story, while sharing wisdom and lots of ideas for how you can realistically fit in fitness and stay consistent.  The session includes a Q&A session with the audience.  If you’ve heard Charlotte’s testimony at a live event, you’ll love having this recording to listen to over and over again for inspiration!
Gain immediate access to the Fit in Fitness online webinar for only $17  




Video Review Services
Send in (or upload online) a video of yourself performing a T-Tapp workout.  You will receive a personalized, step-by-step review of your form with suggestions to teach you and give you new insight into T-Tapp form for your best results.  Click on the “Contact Us” tab above for more information or to request a Video Review:

Basic Workout Plus $50
Total Workout  $90
MORE Workout $50

What is the difference between a personal training session, a class and a clinic/workshop?  (see below)

Prices are for people who own T-Tapp Instructional #1/Basic Workout Plus or Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp

Limited availability on Private and Semi-Private Training Sessions!
Private Training Sessions
Single Private One-on-One Session (1 hour) – $70
Semi-Private Training Session (1-2 hours) 2 People – $65 each; 3 People – $55 each; 4 People – $50 each

What is the difference between a personal training session and a clinic/workshop?

A personal training session is focused on YOUR needs–your form and your questions–with undivided attention to helping you get results, plus the latest tweaks and tips for increased effectiveness. A semi-private session is similar and you share the fun with your friends, family or co-workers.

Clinics/workshops last several hours, with multiple sessions based on specific T-Tapp workouts.  The pace is slow and steady, with in-depth explanations to maximize form and extra tips to take your workout to the next level.