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How a Mom of 12 Went From Size 22W to Size 6

(and is still there)

By Exercising 15-30 Minutes a Few Times a Week!

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You looked hot and felt great when you first got married but you went from fabulous to maybe not-so-fabulous after your first child.  I can relate.  Being a mother of twelve, my battle is your battle. And we know that it takes just as much work to stay fabulous as it does to raise great kids. However, I have a secret for you.  It doesn’t take as long.
Last time I checked, I can’t spend 15 minutes a day with my kids and produce a gold trophy of a child.  But you can do that with your body.
Have you felt like this?  You don’t have enough energy to pour your morning coffee. So when someone mentions, “Get on the bike, ” you’re like “Whatever!”  Do you lay down to pull your jeans up?  Dread seeing yourself in the dressing room mirror? Kiss this body goodbye and get your old body back!
I’m a 54-year-old mother of twelve.  Let me share with you a journey. After every baby, more and more weight crept on until I couldn’t bend over to reach the bottom shelf at the grocery store.  At 258 pounds, it was a challenge to make the ends of the airplane seat belt meet (how embarrassing!). And self-conscious?  My size made me want to hide at the thought of meeting new people.
But I didn’t think I could do anything about it.  I sure didn’t have time (or money) to hire a babysitter and spend hours at a gym.  Sometimes I barely had time to take a bathroom break, so how could a mother of twelve fit in exercise?

Ladies, I’m not here to lecture you.
I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. 
Frankly, we all end up gaining more weight than we planned. I’m here to come alongside and help you to get that fabulous body back….and more importantly, keep it.
You have to understand that I had never exercised before.  Zilch.  Nada. Total couch potato.  No fitness expert or gym rat.  Just an
out-of-shape, menopausal woman who felt hopeless about her body.
Until I found T-Tapp.

T-Tapp is different from anything you’ve tried.

This could be the last exercise program you ever do!

“T-Tapp’s preventative wellness workouts deliver results inside and
out. Instead of just focusing on burning calories and fat to lose
weight, T-Tapp concentrates on helping the body rebuild digestion,
assimilation, elimination, in addition to improving lymphatic
function and neuro-kinetic flow. Increased energy, mental clarity
and overall health immediately improve as your body tightens and
tones. Faster inch loss occurs because muscles develop like girdles
so they can uplift and cinch in target areas of concern.”

Maybe you dread exercise because you’ve tried the gym route and didn’t get the results you hoped for….all those hours for nothing.
It is my belief that many women would even be depression-free if they exercised 15 minutes a day, let alone fat-free.  My struggles with PMS and constant discouragement ended when I found this program.
Remember, I wasn’t in the gym every day, running miles and miles around the track.  Ladies,if you’ve got 15 to 30 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week, you can change your body and your life like I did.
My journey from size 22W to size 6 (and holding for YEARS now) is detailed in this e-book:

Renewing Me:  Size 22 to 6, 15 Minutes at a Time

It’s the true story of how an obese, tired, middle-aged mom of twelve found an amazing, efficient exercise program called T-Tapp
and used it step-by-step to reach her dream size (and more importantly, to maintain that size, even through weight fluctuations).  She reveals how she has easily maintained that size 6 even through perimenopause–at a time of life when most women struggle with midsection weight gain!

“Wonderful stuff!  So inspiring!  Renewing Me is chock-full of practical information
and encouragement for both the newbie and experienced T-Tappers!”
–Elizabeth N.

“Charlotte’s book encouraged and taught me so much. It is an honest glimpse
into the real life of a woman who has succeeded where so many fail. She answers the
“How can I?” questions and proves that “Yes, you can!” Regardless of whether you
have no children or twelve, you need to read this book!”
–Kara in VA

“I loved reading Renewing Me.  I know after reading the e-book
that I need to be more consistent and stay with the T-Tapp workouts.
It works its magic differently on everyone, but it does work!  I reread
Charlotte’s book on occasion to get more motivation and inspiration.
–Lori K., Las Vegas, NV

“I simply loved your book.  Really.  You are such a real person and I
could totally relate to your advice, because you kept it so simple.  To lose
weight and keep it off, is not supposed to be a huge science experiment,
yet so many people think it is. Really thank you for the wonderful inspirational
advice Charlotte.  I NOW know for sure that I do not HAVE to exercise all day
long and try various diets to deprive me to achieve results.”
–Helen, South Africa

“I am so glad that I bought your e-book Renewing Me.  I was inspired by
your success with T-Tapp and was thrilled that you wrote about your journey! 
To read about your life, your schedule and your success has been a real motivator for me!  Your book was a “wake-up” call  for me to take consistent action to reach my goals.  I can’t thank you enough!”
-Patricia, Montreal, Canada

Real-life answers and how-to’s from someone who’s done it:

  • Getting started with T-Tapp.  Page 34.
  • My actual first month’s workout schedule. Page 7.
  • Biggest secret for success!  Page 17.
  • Top 10 list of things I did NOT do.  Page 32.
  • How goal-setting worked for me.  Page 26.
  • Setting up for success–the clothes, the shoes, the space.  Page 9.
  • The power of short workouts.  Page 14.
  • Finding time to T-Tapp (and homeschool!).  Page 22.
  • The power of the mind and thoughts.  Page 24.
  • Brushing and supplements.  Page 20.
  • How I approached eating.  Page 30.
  • The importance of a T-Tapp notebook.  Page 11.
  • Bonus month’s workout schedule.  Page 38.
This is your roadmap to success with T-Tapp, The Workout that Works. Quite frankly, there is no reason to stay trapped in your overweight,tired body any longer!
We all know that many of us try new things and unfortunately, we wind up heavier later.
Here is my personal, unconditional guarantee.  If you don’t feel encouraged, motivated, and clear on how to get started (and keep going) with T-Tapp after reading Renewing Me, simply contact me for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose…except inches.

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