Who Else Needs a Personal Cheerleader and Coach

to Help You Stay Consistent with Exercise?

Give me a few minutes a day and I’ll Get You Unstuck and on the Road to Your Goals!

Let’s face it—getting started with exercise is one thing, STAYING started with exercise is another. You make a resolution, have great intentions and do a few workouts. But then life happens and exercise goes to the back burner.  The next thing you know, your jeans don’t fit and you’re sliding the hangers in your closet to find something in the “fat clothes” to wear.

Starting today, at the click of a button, you can be the success you were meant to be, with daily guidance from your personal trainer to keep you on track and moving forward. 
You’ve dreamed about it.  Now you can do it!
  • Are you still stuck in “Haven’t Been Consistent with T-Tapp” mode?
  • Are you just starting out with the T-Tapp workout system and you’re not quite sure how to begin?
  • Did you just read my e-book Renewing Me: Size 22 to 6, 15 Minutes at a Time and you want “the next step?”

This is the answer for you!

We’re all busy.  Hey, I have twelve children (yes, 12) so I understand “busy!” My ability to travel or work with individuals is very limited right now.  And people are always telling me that they wish they could work with me personally.
Why me? They saw my story on the T-Tapp website, of how I went from a size 22W to a size 6 and stayed there. Or they read the article in Woman’s Day magazine or Woman’s Day online. Or maybe they’ve taken one of my online T-Tapp classes, Renew University, and they loved the friendly help and encouragement they received.
This virtual coaching program is a great way for you to connect with me so I can share my experience and my life with you to help you reach your own fitness goals.
[break][/break]Doesn’t it help to know someone who has been there, done that?  Been way overweight, out of shape and exhausted, then transformed their body to their dream size?
It helps to know you are not alone.
[break][/break]I know what it’s like to struggle with getting started and feeling like there’s no light at the end of the weight-loss tunnel.
Imagine how great you’ll feel about yourself when you look back on a whole month of consistent exercise and self-care.  Just imagine zipping those size 8 pants with ease, and smiling when people ask you what you’ve been doing?!

If you want daily hour-long phone calls, three-page coaching emails and expensive in-person private sessions, this is probably not the program for you.
[break][/break]But if you mostly want short daily messages to teach and inspire you, plus friendly, brief videos to keep you motivated, you’ll like this system just fine. If you’re okay with having a couple of schedules to choose from and the option to go through the program all over again next month, this coaching method will be a good fit with your life.
[break][/break]In a recent news release by the Center for Advancing Health, researchers reported a study in which one group of participants did a standard online weight loss program, while another group of participants added several additional strategies for weight loss. These strategies included video lessons, self-monitoring of weight, eating and exercise and online feedback, such as emails.
[break][/break]These are all components of the Renew You Virtual Coaching program.
[break][/break]The number of participants who lost 5 percent or more of their body weight was more than three times higher in the group that combined these strategies, compared to the group who did the regular online program of just following the weight loss plan.
[break][/break]How does the Virtual Coaching program work? You get:
  • A mini e-book, Renew You Virtual Coaching Personal Workout Inspiration and Schedule, with workout schedules, instructions and convenient forms
  • 30 daily emails full of inspiration, T-Tapp tips and valuable insights
  • Every 3rd day, a link to a coaching video of Charlotte sharing her insights and tips for you
  • Bonus links and articles

Renew You Virtual Coaching gives you access to expert advice:

  • How to jumpstart yourself when enthusiasm lags.  Day 11.
  • Tips for setting up your space for success with your workouts.  Video Day 3.
  • What is your brain wired to do (it can’t help it!) and how can you take advantage of that?  Video Day 24.
  • How to stay consistent with T-Tapp.  Day 28
  • A secret that helped motivate me on the way to my goals.  Video Day 15.
  • Why it’s not selfish to care for yourself—first—from a busy mom of 12.  Day 8.
The program is designed for busy lives and realistic consistency so the schedules are based on short T-Tapp workouts:  Basic Workout Plus alone or Basic Workout Plus together with Step Away the Inches.
[break][/break]Note:  If you have *more* sizes to lose or you want 2 full months of
support and encouragement, click here.
[break][/break]If you need to order a workout or wait until next week to start, no problem! You can purchase the program, download the e-book and then wait until you are ready to activate the email portion. Just bookmark the page and activate the program when you want to begin. Make it work with YOUR life and schedule!

[break][/break]Here is my personal, unconditional guarantee.  If you’re not encouraged and motivated to stay consistent with T-Tapp by the end of 30 days, simply contact me for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose…except inches.


You get TWO schedules PLUS a daily email PLUS videos PLUS bonus articles and links.  A full month of personal inspiration delivered right to your computer!  The sooner you act, the sooner your transformation begins.

renewyouvcoachbuttonA month-long workout schedule alone is worth $35.
Some of the content was previously only available in a $99 online class.
Renew You Virtual Coaching Program Only 47.00   
renewvcoachbutton[break][/break]Save on the Combo Package!
Renew You Virtual Coaching Program PLUS
Only 74.00     57.00