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Anniversary Wedding Graduation Punch

Several years ago my in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  In preparation for the big party, our oldest daughter and her cousin got together to create a punch recipe.


They bought several different kinds of juice and carbonated beverages and patiently began the process of experimentation, tasting and elimination.


The resulting “Siems Punch” has been served at weddings, showers, baby dedication meals, graduation parties and more since then.


It’s a one-of-a-kind, special occasion punch and now you can serve it, too.


Siems Punch


1 bottle white grape juice
1 bottle black cherry cranberry juice
4 2-liter bottles 7-Up (NOT Sprite or Twist-Up or other off-brands)


Chill ingredients.  Shortly before event begins, pour half of each bottle of juice and two 2-liter bottles of 7-Up in large punch bowl and stir lightly.  You may add a small amount of crushed or small-size ice, but not enough to water it down.  Makes a light pink punch, not too sweet and very refreshing!


With love from the Siems family…

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