Tell Me What You Think: Quick Survey For Your Family

Tell Me What You Think:  Quick Survey For Your Family

by Charlotte Siems
There’s a certain clothing store that makes shopping a fun experience.  It has a bright, energetic and upbeat atmosphere.  The displays are well-done and there’s something new almost every time we visit.  I’ve gotten many a bargain on the clearance rack and they often have sales.  Best of all, you can get a coupon for a discount when you fill out a survey about your experience in the store.

You may not have thought about it, but you can do a survey at home to find out what everyone is thinking.  Their answers will probably surprise you.  Here are a few ideas for a casual survey you can conduct:

  • What one thing about our house makes it feel clean and comfortable?  (Use the answers as a guide for when time is short.  If a clean bathroom is a big deal to family members, skip the kitchen floor and clean the toilet!)
  • What’s your favorite meal?  (Use this list to plan your meals and special occasions like birthdays).
  • What do you wish our family could do together?  (Try to make it happen, even on a smaller scale).
  • What are your top three favorite family memories?  (How can you duplicate these experiences?)
This doesn’t have to be a written quiz, although sometimes they’ll be a little more honest on paper than speaking up.  You can make a free survey at Survey Monkey dot com, and your kids might have some fun with that.

Your family will probably appreciate being asked for their opinion and you can use the information gained to make thoughtful decisions, then follow up with action. Like the clothing store, you might consider a little reward for the survey—a small prize or unusual family activity.
You may be surprised to find that one of their answers hurts your feelings, shocks you or makes you want to weep.  Don’t over-react or criticize them.  We often misunderstand one another.  This is an opportunity for new perspective and better relationships.

Have fun with your survey and use it as a tool to learn more about each other!
Have an idea for a survey question?  Leave a comment below!

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  1. Jane Ballenger says:

    Thanks for this article about day dreaming.  It was just what I needed this morning.  Over the last two weeks I have allowed my mind to shift into dread concerning my workouts.  Consequently I have not gotten as many workouts in as I would like to see myself doing.  I haven’t quit, but I haven’t soared either.  I needed this kick in the pants.

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