Three Quick Tips for To-Do Lists

3 Quick Tips for To-Do Lists

  • Keep project lists separate from daily to-do lists. To-do lists focus on the next bite-sized step so you can do the next thing without getting overwhelmed.
  • Use specific verbs and details on your list. Instead of “Check insurance status,” write “Call John Smith Agency—insurance coverage on 2010 Ford Focus 555-1234.” In this case you might also clip the insurance card to your list so you’d have other information handy.
  • Keep your list short. Write the three most important things you want to get done that day. It’s entirely possible you’ll get more done, but if it’s “one of those days” and you still get your big three done, you’ll be productive.



  1. Thanks for the reassurance! Short and memorable. Best tip – write only 3 things. I tend to write A LOT and then beat myself up.

  2. Charlotte Siems says:

    Three things–and then don’t stress about what is NOT on the list!

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