Ten Random Thoughts (With Helpful Nuggets)

thinkingToday I’m sharing ten random thoughts that are currently on my mind as I move through my days this week, in the hopes that you’ll find some helpful nuggets:

1.  If you can’t get children’s camp forms mailed without extreme duress, it’s okay to mail them the next day.

2.  My husband now likes light starch in his shirts at the dry cleaners, after years of heavy starch.

3.  Sorting business tax receipts doesn’t take near as long as I dreaded.

4.  I’m really enjoying a new app on my iPhone: Gratitude365 (a simple daily journal for taking time to list what I’m thankful for–morning and night).

5.  Talking about being tired and sinus-y makes me feel worse. Saying nothing actually helps me feel better.

6.  Faith comes by hearing, and since I hear myself speak I better be speaking God’s plans and thoughts (rather than my emotions and short-term view).

7.  When I speak negatively about others, even when they’re not present, I am creating my attitude about them and cursing them.

8.  Shellac manicures last a long time, especially if you do a French manicure.

9.  It’s better to think about what you want rather than what you don’t want.

10.  The longer I use Nerium, the better my skin looks. It’s been ten months and the wrinkles and texture are smoother than ever. Nice.

There you have it–random thoughts related to my week. What random thoughts and helpful nuggets are on on your mind right now? Please share. 🙂

With love,

Charlotte Siems



  1. Jane Ballenger says:

    Life is short, precious, and fragile.
    Don’t neglect to ask the hard questions.
    Take time to be holy.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Good ones, Janie.

  2. Just giving an “amen” to your # 6. I will be speaking His Word outloud today. Thanks.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Me, too! That’s been my lesson this week!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Amen to that! Too often we take them for granted or only concentrate on what we need to do better. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Gayle Armstrong says:

    Thanks!! I especially loved #6 and 7. <3

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