Ready for Easter at This Lovely Place

ready-for-easterWe’ve been getting ready for Easter over the last couple of weeks. It’s a tradition for everyone to have new Easter shoes and clothes. These also serve as warm-weather special occasion outfits for upcoming weddings and graduations. When the older children were young I sewed their clothes, but those days have given way to catching good sales in the weeks before Easter.

Another part of our Easter tradition is to decorate around the house for this special Spring holiday. Decorating for holidays doesn’t have to be painful or complicated. My favorite places for seasonal décor are the fireplace mantel, the top of the TV armoire and a little three-drawer dresser by the front door.  Here’s a peek at the Easter decorations at This Lovely Place:

Fireplace mantel:


Top of the TV armoire (I like the TV to reside in a cabinet so we can shut the doors when it’s not in use):


Small dresser by the front door:


Note how we used children’s books with a Spring theme, plastic eggs and fake grass, mixed with basic pieces used at other times of the year.

Gather some Spring-y thingies and bring some cheer to the corners of your lovely place to get ready for Easter!

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