“Safety Harbor Countdown”

I'm taking a quick break from the blog Questions and Answers to document the trip to the T-Tapp Retreat at Safety Harbor, Florida!

Monday, October 4 – Today I planned meals for the family during my absence and checked out  the library books they'll need for school.  While grocery shopping I picked up a workout top on clearance and a package of socks. 
Meanwhile I texted the 20yo to tell him that today was his due date 21 years ago (uh, his birthday is October 18).  He replied that his friends recently asked him about being born in a bathtub.  For real. 
I've been catching up on some paperwork and computer stuff this evening and will head to bed early so I can be rested up for the busy weekend!  I got in a kick-buns MORE workout this morning to continue preparation for getting certified to teach it next week.  I also filled travel bottles with necessities and bought a few other travel size items.  My goal:  one piece of checked luggage and a computer bag for a week away!

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