“Safety Harbor Friday”

Wow, what a day!  Breakfast at a local cafe (an egg and oatmeal, for those who must know), then back to the Baranoff room for a workout.  We did Progressive Basic Super Slow, with some great tweaks on several moves like Jazz Twist and Lunges.  Those with knee issues need no longer avoid Drop Lunges!  Then there was a mini-Hoe Down Showdown, where everyone who did 10 sets of Hoe Downs was rewarded with a t-shirt and gift card for the T-Tapp Store.  If you'd like to experience that, stand up, toes forward, bend knees and go for it!  Lunch was provided and it was delish–I had chicken, potatoes, green beans and rolls.  Shelly Ballestero shared a ton of information about cosmetics and natural alternatives.  How old is your mascara?

Then it was back to sweating with a floor work sequence.  Nobody wrings the sweat and lymph outta ya like Miss Teresa!  Many people did Barefoot Basic, I was not one of them.  I squeezed in a shower (my dinner partners were grateful) and enjoyed a dinner in the ballroom–beef, bread and veggies, good coffee (and for dessert I had a spoon of whipped cream).  Our special speaker was Julie Brannon, owner of a local natural apothecary, who shared her passion for natural supplements.

Back to the Baranoff room for a Product and Cellulite Seminar with Teresa (fascinating facts!).  Halfway through we took a break for dessert fondue and I have to admit I was among the first in line.  I went to get a drink of water and my roommate hid my plate so when I returned they got a laugh at my face of despair.  🙂  We listened to details of how alfalfa is processed and got the scoop on lots of products offered by T-Tapp. 

It is now midnight and I'm heading to bed.  The day can be summed up:  eat, workout, eat, workout, eat some more! 


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like another FABULOUS day!

  2. Gunnersmom says:

    Charlotte, so glad you are enjoying yourself. Are you going to share some of those lunge tips for bad knees with the alumni?

  3. What is “Barefoot Basic”?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Basic Workout Plus done barefoot! There are tweaks for keeping your form.

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