“Safety Harbor Saturday”

The first workout I did this morning (notice I didn't say the first workout on the schedule) was the super slow teaching version of Senior Fit.  Wow.  Talk about sweat-wringing, muscle-activating, non-cheating muscle movement!  G-r-e-a-t stuff, great workout.  Coming soon to a T-Tapp store near you.  Lunch was salad, but not just any salad.  Mine was Santa Fe, which was salad greens, black olives, cheese, grilled chicken and other goodies.  Mary Shomon educated us on all things thyroid, then we moved out of the ballroom so a nervous bride could oversee the setup of her reception.  Dr. Rob Carlson spoke about vitamin D3 and bio-identical hormones as he threw samples into the audience. 

We had a few hours' break to shower and get fixed up for a group photo by the outdoor pool (thanks, Dave!).  Then we moved indoors for a sumptuous dinner buffet of Florida favorites, including Key Lime Pie.  We listened to Joan Schrader talk about the wonders of magnesium, with specific advice on methods of delivery and benefits. 

Then Miss Teresa spoke to us about how T-Tapp is more than a workout, it's a method of movement that maximizes metabolic processing, decreases inflammation and balances imbalance.  We watched a moving video showing the changes in Rhonda K. in 9 months' time and Teresa shared from her heart.  It was really a special moment and you could feel the love and admiration in the room.

My lats are talkin' to me.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard that tonight’s talk by Teresa was very moving! I would love to be able to buy a video of it! Thank you so much, Charlotte, for all of the updates!

  2. nice! is Rhonda’s story online anywhere?

    1. Anonymous says:

      I don’t think that the video is yet, but it might be on the T-Tapp site soon.

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