Time for a Change….

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The holidays are coming, and that means parties, shopping, people you haven’t seen in a long time….

You don’t have to wait until New Year’s to make a change.  You can change your body and your life NOW, in time to look and feel fabulous for the holidays!  

Imagine wearing a smaller size to the family Thanksgiving dinner….and getting asked what you’ve been doing!

Imagine fitting into your special outfit for the Christmas party…. and feeling confident in how you look.

And just imagine handling the crazy holiday season without stress or overwhelm…. because you’re armed with the tools to handle it all. 

Time for a Change Sale! 

Sale ends Monday, October 29 at 8pm CST

[break][/break][break][/break]Renewing Me eBook

The best-selling story of how Charlotte lost 100 pounds and went from a size 22W to a size 6—and stayed there! Encouragement from someone who went from obese to slender in middle age. Workout schedules, how-to’s, how she lost weight without dieting, and more! Read more…

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Note:  T-Tapp Coaching Programs can be activated whenever you wish—Now to get a jumpstart on staying consistent with exercise or later to get through the holidays. Either way, buy now and save!


Renew You Virtual Coaching Program

Your own personal cheerleader and coach for 30 days! Workout schedules to choose from, daily emails and links to short videos that encourage and motivate you in your T-Tapp workouts. Read more…

Regular price: $47

Sale: only $37  




Renew Me Virtual Coaching Program Especially for Those With More to Lose

Sixty days of support and encouragement designed especially for those with four or more sizes to lose, by someone who’s been there. Workout schedules, daily emails, videos that address the special concerns of those who have a lot of weight to lose. Read more…

Regular price: $97

Sale: only $77   




Time for a change in your home and family:


From Overdrawn and Overwhelmed to Calm and Confident mp3 audios and workbook

Do you ever feel like “if life is a bank, then I’m overdrawn?” We all get too many plates spinning in the air, then they start crashing to the floor. But you don’t have to live in discouragement and overwhelm—there ARE ways to cope with stress and stay happy. Read more…

Regular price: $37

Sale: only $27   




Happy Marriage mp3 audio and Guide
Is married life all you had hoped and dreamed it would be? Do you feel loved and cherished? Learn how to create lasting happiness in your marriage–bring back the fun, closeness and sizzle in your marriage! Read more…

Regular price: $27

Sale: $17      



Edibles: Meal Planning on a Budget eBook

Simple planning and easy meals can save your grocery budget and your sanity! Read more…

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Sale: only $5    




Laundry: Keeping Up with Clean & Dirty Clothes eBook

Are you struggling to climb up Mt. Washmore? Laundry is an essential part of keeping up with the household, but it accumulates so fast we can get behind quickly. Get real-life help from a mom of many who’s climbing that mountain, too! Read more…

Regular price: $9

Sale: only $6   



Children Doing Chores: A Simple Approach to Making Your Home Harmonious (and Tidy!) eBook

Here’s your chance to put an end to solo housecleaning and get your team of one (or ten) on track to learn valuable life skills while giving you more time and less stress! Read more…

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