Why You’ll Love the T-Tapp Senior Fit Workout

senior-fit-girl-with-waterSenior Fit. Does the name bring up the image of a rockin’ workout that reshapes your body and helps you lose inches fast? No? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s just what I’ve experienced with this workout.

To show you why you’ll love T-Tapp’s newest workout Senior Fit, let me share my experiences with it. I’ve done it—a lot—between two T-Tapp events with many workouts, a certification event with literally hours of doing Senior Fit, taking notes on it and observing a dozen trainers doing it, and months of doing the workout on my own in preparation for my own certification to teach it.

Senior Fit gives me the fastest results of any T-Tapp workout I’ve done. Seriously. I can do a couple of Senior Fit workouts in a week and start noticing the results. It’s especially good at smoothing my hip pads and flattening my tummy.  Surprisingly, it makes me feel strong—fast.

I feel energized, not exhausted, when I’m done with a Senior Fit workout. That’s big for someone with a tendency towards adrenal fatigue.

Senior Fit creates visible reshaping. At a T-Tapp retreat where we did only Senior Fit, my waist was cinched in to the point that I actually saw it in the mirror after a couple of days.

Senior Fit is slower, more mindful movement so it’s “easier” to hold the form and positions, therefore creating muscle activation for results.

Senior Fit feels doable, not overwhelming. The breaks between moves keep it from feeling too hard, and every little bit of motivation helps.

Senior Fit has variations on moves (and some new moves) that I really like. There’s no flat back in Primary Back Stretch. T-Tapp Twist Stretch has no “drop down.” Scarecrow/Ski is actually fun!

Senior Fit is effective even when you do parts of it. I see results even from doing segments rather than the whole thing. And believe me, I almost always do only part of it since it lasts an hour (although Senior Fit Tempo 4 lasts 47 minutes, and it’s my preferred version).

Senior Fit has water breaks between each move. Far from “cheating,” frequent water breaks help you reset and recover so you get more out of the next move. Not to mention the fat-burning and lymph-moving benefits of water.

Senior Fit was designed to help with adrenal fatigue. All of the hunching and stretching thumbs and other bits of form hit the thoracic area of the spine to help drain toxins and improve adrenal function.

Senior Fit offers some variety, with a floor warmup workout and two versions of the actual workout.

Other workouts are being planned for the near future, using Senior Fit principles. I know that one of them has a theme of “sexy after 40” and that will probably convince some people of the benefits of this amazing workout. But why wait? You can get a head start on all the goodness now!

If you don’t own Senior Fit, you can get your copy here:  Senior Fit

And if you’ve tried it, please share why you love it, too! Please leave a comment…


  1. I’d love to get this video to get in shape after baby. I’m due with number8 on the 13 th:-)

  2. I am a t-tapp groupie so must have all the workouts. It really has so many benefits.

  3. Betti Hofer says:

    i would love to win this ! i need a new motivation !!!

  4. I think the wondrous fact that i cant believe it could get any better, teresa goes and channels all her energies and her love to save mankind, thank you for the wonderful, breakdown why its so incredible to use!!!!

  5. Charlotte Siems says:

    Glad it helped–Senior Fit is a lot more than meets the eye!

    1. Judith Turriciano says:

      “senior fit” t-tapp dvds include some moves contraindicated for those individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis. of course all workouts come with a “caution” and a statement to limit liability. sadly , not everyone realizes risks involved here, even though these workouts are supposedly geared to seniors. also, the t-tapp representative in a phone conversation stated these moves are safe for osteopososis.
      wish I could return them all. very dishonest.

  6. Hi Charlotte! I’m only a couple months in to learning about and doing T-Tapp. I was wondering where you break up the workout when you don’t have time to do the entire workout? And do you always start with PBS no matter what you do? Thanks so much for any help you could give!

  7. Sorry! I didn’t include that I was talking about Senior Fit!:) Thanks!

  8. Charlotte Siems says:

    I always do Primary Back Stretch, usually from the Tempo version because it’s faster. 🙂 Then I skip through but don’t rearrange. Some days I do Plies, some days not. I really like Oil Wells, T-Tapp Twist and Scarecrow Ski, so I do those pretty often. Teresa Tapp said it’s good to do the whole thing at least once a week. Doing SOME consistently is better than doing NONE because you don’t have time to do it all!

  9. Hi, Charlotte, I’m such a newbie that I’m still working through Instructional #1 of BWO+. I have recently been diagnosed with early adrenal insufficiency (possibly on my way to Addison’s Disease), and I’m also wondering if thyroid/perimenopause hormone issues are beginning to rear their ugly heads (starting to rapidly gain weight in midsection for first time in my life). Do you think Senior Fit would be even better than Mindful Movement or MORE (I can’t buy them all right now) for someone with adrenal/thyroid/perimenopause issues (who is also very uncoordinated with “2 left feet”)? Thanks for any advice!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Any of those three workouts would be good, but Senior Fit is designed to hit the thoracic area of the spine, which helps the adrenals. You don’t have to do the whole hour-long workout to get the benefit, and you might need to experiment with days off (often adrenal fatigue requires 2 days off between workouts, but you might feel better with every other day). Listen to your body!

  10. Charlotte,
    Thanks for the tip for today’s Boot Camp. I am paying attention. I really want to get the Senior Fit DVD, $60 is okay but then to have to pay the 30 for USP is too much right now. I am going down to the States in October, Oregon Coast. Is there a way to purchase it ahead of time and pick it up while there??
    I am staying with BWP because of time restraints, but want to do more in the Fall. Thanks so much! Have a great day! Hugs.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I answered this over on the comments on the other post…

  11. I bought Senior Fit, but it seems hard to learn, so I just keep going back to Basic Plus to Tempo. I hope when you come out to Seattle you’ll do some training on Senior Fit! 🙂

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      We’ll definitely do parts of Senior Fit and how you can tweak your other workouts Senior-Fit-style in Seattle! 🙂

  12. Dear Charlotte!
    Your ebook was so instructive for me, I’d like it very much. My question which is the hardest workout – Senior Fit level 1 (67 minutes) or Senior Fit Tempo? Thanks,Have a great day!:)

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