Mission Possible: T-Tapp Senior Fit Giveaway!

ttapp-senior-fit-lady-spyLike a spy receiving unexpected instructions for the next secret mission, today you get a surprise: the chance to complete a mission to be eligible for a T-Tapp Senior Fit DVD giveaway!

I’ve already explained why you’re going to love the T-Tapp Senior Fit workout. If you haven’t gotten around to ordering your own copy, or you’d like to give a copy to someone special, why not enter to win a DVD worth $69.95 (plus $8 shipping—total value $77.95)?

This isn’t a complicated, dangerous mission, girls. Pull on your spy boots, do whichever simple tasks you choose and you’re in. No clever disguise required.

Complete the missions of your choice to be eligible to win:

1.  Leave a comment on this post and that’s it—you’re entered to win!

2.  For a second entry, all of our Facebook Page fans who have left a comment here on this blog post are eligible. If you’re not a fan yet, you can like the Facebook Page here or with an easy click in the sidebar —>

3.  For a third entry, all of our newsletter subscribers who have left a comment here on this blog post are eligible. If you’d like to subscribe to receive tips on home and family, recipes, exclusive T-Tapp tips and more, sign up here (and you can easily unsubscribe at any time):


If you’re eligible for more than one entry, let us know how many in your comment so we can enter you as many times as possible. If you were already a Facebook fan and/or you already receive the newsletter, just say so in your comment.

senior-fitSo that’s a total of one to three chances per person to win, depending on how many missions you choose to complete. The winner will be chosen by random drawing on Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 3:00pm Central Daylight Time and will be announced in the Monday issue of the newsletter and here on the blog.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to believe that Yes You Can with T-Tapp!


  1. I would LOVE the Senior edition of T- Tapp! I’m really struggling to keep moving and reach my fitness goals!

  2. Oh, I’d love to win this so much. I have heard lots about it and it seems like such a great workout.

    Entry #2 I like your facebook page
    Entry #3 I am already a subscriber of your newsletter.

  3. I am a subscriber. — so TWO entries total.

  4. I would LOVE to own a copy of this DVD! I am a facebook fan, a newsletter subscriber and I have now commented on this post – total 3 entries!

  5. I’ve had my eye on this, hoping it would meet up with a Deep Discount Tuesday but this would be even better 🙂 I am also a facebook fan and newsletter subscriber so 3 entries!!!

  6. April Gibble says:

    FB fan, and newsletter subscriber. Hope to win!

  7. Already subscribed to this inspirational newsletter. Just liked the FB page and hoping to win the T-Tapp dvd. Thanks Charlotte for brightening my days!

  8. I am a newsletter subscriber and Facebook fan, would love to try this DVD as I am approaching my senior years and need to improve my fitness.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I just love your newsletter and the comments you make on Facebook. I admire your testimony and how you have such a amazing family. When I met you at retreat the first time it was like I met a big star. Thank you for all that you do, I have a copy of Senior Fit and would be happy to win a copy to give it to someone I know that will use it. I have been doing a lot of Senior Fit lately as I am in the 60 day challenge and I can’t even tell you how incredibly strong I feel. I feel muscles that I did not even know existed. I love to Praise The Lord and when I reach out my arms in praise I feel like I can reach the sky! Seriously it really is amazing!
    I believe this would be one entry. Blessings to you Charlotte!!!

  10. Thank you for the offer! I’m in for all 3! Exciting!

  11. Jan Jones says:

    I would love to win this DVD. I qualify for 3 entries, please. Thank you for offering this one. It was on my wishlist!

  12. I’ve heard so many great things about Senior Fit – would love to win!

  13. I’m a Facebook fan!

  14. I already receive the newsletter too!

  15. I have three entries. I have been wanting to get this for my dad! Thanks for the chance. I really love the exercises and with eleven children of my own , I can relate to your daily life!

  16. I am in my sixth week of T-Tapp thanks to you, Charlotte! Thank you!

  17. Senior Fit sounds like something I would like to experience. I am a subscriber and a Facebook fan. Looking forward to next Monday to see who the lucky winner is. God Bless, have a great week!

  18. Love TTapp! I was introduced to it a couple of years ago when you spoke at an online women’s conference A Woman Inspired.

    I am a Facebook fan and get your newsletter so I qualify for 3 entries! Thanks!!

  19. I forgot to tell you thanks for the Peanut Butter Cookie recipe in my other post! Thank you, sounds so easy!

  20. I am a Facebook fan and a newsletter subscriber, so I have 3 entries.

    These peanut butter cookies are really good!!! They were probably the first peanut butter cookies that I ever enjoyed. Thanks for showing me how to make some easy cookies and enjoy it many, many years ago 🙂

  21. Two entries as I already receive your newsletter and I am leaving a comment… still have not adventured into Facebook land… thank you for all your encouragement Ms. Charlotte and the opportunity to possibly win Senior Fit.

  22. I so need this DVD and at this point can’t begin to afford it. Would love to win it. I’m subscribed to your newsletter, so that is TWO entries for me. Thank you for your generosity! Oh and I love Peanut butter cookies and only 3 ingredients and no flour! Thank you!!:)

  23. A friend recently shared your blog with me and told me about TTapp. I have really enjoyed doing the workouts since they came in the mail. I would love to win the new seniors workout!

  24. Tesser White says:

    I’d love to win Senior Fit!! I’m “almost” a senior — ha ha!! But I’ve read such great reviews of it!! I’m a subscriber to your newsletter too.

  25. 🙂 three easy ways to win, four if you count the benefits of TTapp. 😉 Facebook fan and newsletter subscriber, too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. I am just beginning T-Tapp and I’m sold!!!!

  27. Living it! Just started t-tapp would love the experience! Facebook fan and subscriber. So, 3 entries?

  28. I would love to try Senior Fit! I am a T-Tapp fan of 3 years! Really appreciate your inspirational blog, Charlotte.

  29. Wow! I have been mulling over buying Senior Fit and would to be the winner! I have experienced the power of T-Tapp first hand and have been struggling to get back on the wagon. I am a Facebook fan, subscriber and now, commenter…thanks for the chance!

  30. Krista France says:

    Love T-Tapp and all that goes with it! I am eligible 3 times for this fantastic give-away! 🙂 I really need to get my body moving though and I’d love to win this for my elderly mom as well who suffers from Parkinson’s.

    You are an inspiration Charlotte! 🙂


  31. I would love to win this for my mom! I also am a subscriber to your newsletter and have liked your Facebook page. I love T-Tapp!

  32. I would love to try this new DVD! I’m a Facebook fan and Newsletter subscriber.

  33. Charlotte–thanks for offering this fun giveaway! I’ve so wanted to try Senior Fit, so winning the giveaway would be the best! 🙂 I am a newsletter subscriber and also a “liker” of your FB page, so this gives me 3 entries!! Have a blessed week!!

  34. I’m thrilled to accept this mission! From all I’ve heard, Senior Fit sounds like a great workout. Charlotte, I appreciate the encouragement you give us twice a week through This Lovely Place. Thanks!

    Entry #2 I like your FB page
    Entry #3 I am already a subscriber of your newsletter.

  35. I’ve been enjoying you through twitter and email for awhile now and greatly appreciare all your advice and tips, thank you!

  36. Hi Charlotte! I am already a newsletter subscriber. Would love to win Senior Fit!

  37. Tamela Moore says:

    I have been a newsletter subscriber for a while now and just liked you
    on Facebook. I would love to win the Senior Fit so I can lose a few
    more inches off my middle. Love, love, love the peanut butter cookies.

  38. I would love to win the T-Tapp Senior Fit Workout!

  39. I just liked your Facebook page, so that’s three entries for me. I would love to have Senior Fit. It’s my next must have from T-TAPP!

  40. Already subscribe, leaving a comment and heading over to like you on Facebook!! I have SATI and the Basic 15 and am a little bored. Was excited to hear your post on Senior then bummed it was more than we can afford right now. So excited for a chance to win it!!! Trying to be consistent with 2-5 times a week but not seeing a huge change yet. I only have 10#s to lose so I’m trying to be consistent and patient.

  41. I like your Facebook page and I’m a subscriber! Excited for the giveaway! 🙂

  42. Maria Sellers says:

    This would be wonderful to win! I have 3 entries – this comment, FB like, and newsletter subscriber.

    I just wanted to say you are an inspiration to me. I own the T-tapp book but can’t afford any of the DVD’s so it has taken a long time to learn the moves because I keep having to stop and re-read what to do. I am sure that I am doing many things wrong but I am not giving up.

    I actually owned the book for over a year but didn’t do much with it because it was so hard to figure it out that I gave up. Somehow, I decided to restart this January and found your testimony online – it sounded so much like me! I am 47, 254 pounds and homeschool my 7 kids (actually my oldest is now in college). I stopped and started and stopped and started until . . . I got a terrible upper respiratory infection which lasted a month.

    Soooo I restarted March 2nd and was able to do a full week. Lost 4 inches and 2 lbs. already. It is because of you that I keep going. I keep reminding myself that if you can do it at 47 then so can I!!

    My husband is self-employed and has barely had work over the last few years. Buying a video is out for now but maybe someday. Even so, I am still learning from the book and I love all of the testimonies. Any time I feel like giving up I read a few. I also read every single one of your newsletters. They help me so much to keep going. Sorry for how long this is, but I just wanted to say thanks so much.

  43. FB FAn, subscriber and commenter… Would love to step it up a notch!

  44. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and for your offer. I am eligible to three entries.

  45. Hi, Charlotte!I am a loyal newsletter subscriber from Bulgaria, just liked your Facebook page and I have now commented on this post – total of 3 entries! Thanks!

  46. I am leaving this comment, already liked you on Facebook, and receive your newsletter: three entries! Trying to get started in T-Tapp so this would be a great way to start by winning the DVD.

  47. I’d love to win this. I have been t-tapping and trying to introduce a friend who I know would benefit from it. If I win the Senior Fit DVD, I would give it to her. It would be a fantastic way to get her started! I already receive the newsletter in e-mail form and am a friend on Facebook. So, 3 entries, please! You are such a blessing, Charlotte! THANK YOU for sharing your life and wisdom with all of us!

  48. Bev Callahan says:

    I like you on Facebook and am a loyal subscriber. I love your encouraging articles and have wanted to try t-tap and winning it would be real treat. Please enter me three times! Thanks for all that you do to keep the rest of us going with a smile!

  49. I would love to have Senior Fit! I love T-Tapp and having another workout to add to my Basic Workout Plus, would be great!

    I’ve been subscribed to your newsletters for about a year now and enjoy getting them.

    Two Entries!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. I just liked your Facebook page. I’m already subscribed to your newletter and I would like to win the T-Tapp Senior Fit video mentioned in today’s newsletter. I think that’s three entries for me. Thank you, Charlotte!

  51. I am a newsletter subscriber and a FB liker! Would love a new workout!

  52. Leah McMunn says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! I am so inspired by you. “Yes I can!!!” 😀
    I am a facebook fan and i also subscribe. 🙂
    Thanks again. Be blessed!

  53. I’m eligible for all 3 entries. And I’d love to try the new workout!

  54. I am a subscriber and look forward to checking my e-mail each morning to hear what you have to say for encouragement. Would love to try the senior fit after your testimony about it.

  55. Jane Ballenger says:

    OHHHHH!!! I’m so excited for a chance to win this DVD!!!! I’ve wanted it and the budget just doesn’t allow for it right now.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. Jane Ballenger says:

    PS: I forgot to say I’m a triple entry….FB fan, newsletter subscriber, and I’m leaving a message. SO put me in for three please!:)
    Thank you,

  57. Please enter me three times. Here’s my comment, I liked the Facebook page, and I have been subscribed to the emails for a long time. I love them! I would love to receive the Senior Fit workout. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  58. TinaJewel says:

    #1. I have heard so much good about this dvd and wish to win it!
    #2. I have already liked your facebook page!
    #3. I already get your newsletter, too!

  59. I would love to win this package. I have other TTapp videos and the book. I need to put them to the test, though! Looking forward to making my routine include this workout. I have been receiving your newsletters for about 6-9 months. 2 entries for me:) I would love to win.

  60. This sounds like a wonderful workout. I’m not on Facebook, but I am a subscriber. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  61. Dawn Kulaga says:

    You have been such an inspiration! I am excited about the Senior Fit workout – it sounds like it would be just the thing for me. I liked your Facebook page and have gotten your newsletters for months now. Thanks for being a beacon!

  62. Melanie Castro says:

    I met Charlotte last July in Texas at a homeschooling conference in Houston, Texas along with her handsome and well mannered boys. I figured if she could do it, I could too. I started T-tapp and noticed a few results whcih quickly tapered off and then quit. Around the new year I picked up the video again and started tapping every day except on Sundays. I kept track of my results for the first four weeks, but after that there was no more inch loss. Nevertheless, I have kept with it in faith that even if I am not losing inches and weight, it is still good for me to do. So, a new video would be great because even my children know the sequences to the video and chant them to me all day long!!! “Roll it up-tuck-tuck-tuck-and big shoulder roll. One, two, three, four.” So, in short, I’d love to win. Two entries for me please, as I have been receiving your newsletter for quite some time. Thanks!

  63. Kathleen Davis says:

    I would love to win this, as a senior, and taking full time care of our 7th grandchild, 2 1/2 yrs. old,(girl), I need to shed some weight and inches, and the funds are just not there!!

  64. Theresa B says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber who just thinks Senior Fit could be the ANSWER!

  65. Thanks for the fun chance for Senior Fit! 🙂

  66. P.S. Forgot to add that I’m an email subscriber. 🙂

  67. Would love this! I am a subscriber, so 2 entries please.

  68. I subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  69. Deb Brandt says:

    You are such an inspiration! I met you in Oklahoma a couple of years ago at a T-Tapp workshop. It seems like yesterday. I have so many of the other workouts and have been anxiously awaiting for the Senior Fit. Would love to win it!

  70. You are a true inspiration! I would love to win this video, not only for myself but to get my 88 year old mom to try some TTapp moves. I know it would help her stiffness.

  71. I would love the senior especially since all the talk of it, and it not being meant for only seniors.

  72. Deb Brandt says:

    PS. I already am a blog subscriber

  73. Deb Brandt says:

    PS. I also already get your newsletter

  74. ps I am a facebook fan already and receive your newsletter as well

  75. Misty Campbell says:

    Well i might as well leave a comment and be entered to win. Hey thanks for your encouragement. Hope you have a great day.
    I am a subscriber. So that is 2 entries please.

  76. Nancy Miller says:

    Your story has been such an inspiration to me. I would love to win the Senior Fit dvd. I’ve liked you on Fb and get your newsletter, so 3 entries. Thank you for this opportunity!

  77. Thanks for the chance to win Senior Fit! I am a subscriber also. I look so forward to your emails every week!

  78. Carol Wood says:

    This is the T-Tapp video that I have been waiting for! Pick me, pick me!

  79. I would love to give this to my mom, I have Sr Fit and love it. I am a facebook fan and I get your e-mails, so 3 chances for me. 🙂

    Charlotte, a cookie tip: I always make 2 or 3 batches at a time, cook what I want and then with the remaining batter I scoop out, roll out or what ever the recipe calls for and freeze the individual cookies on trays. Once they are frozen I put them in ziplocs. Whenever I have a need for homemade cookies I plunk ’em on cookies sheets and cook as usual. (maybe just a minute or 2 extra bake time)

  80. I haven’t tried the SF workout yet, but I have heard great things about it. I am a Facebook fan and a newsletter subscriber. Three entries please. =)

  81. Carol Wood says:

    Forgot to mention that I am also a blog subscriber and FB fan.

  82. I would love to win a copy of Senior Fit.

  83. I am a blog subscriber and a FB fan. So hopefully 2 more entries.

  84. 3 entries! So exciting!

  85. I am a triple entry and am in my 6th week of steady T-tapping thanks to you. Feeling much more fit and fitting my clothes better. Thank you for your encouragement!

  86. I would love to be entered to win this DVD. We can’t afford to buy at this time. So, it would be a real blessing. I want to get in shape. I am a Facebook fan of yours and I do believe that I already subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  87. Ruth Robinson says:

    Would love to win so I could share more T-Tapp.
    My husband & I have been doing T- Tapp for 4 weeks now.
    We are both feeling a lot stronger and fit.
    Thanks Charlotte & T-Tapp!

  88. I subcribe to your newsletter and find it very encouraging. You have a gift for reducing things to the doable. Thankd for this opportunity.

  89. I could definitely use this. And I’m not sure if I need to leave a second comment to say I’ve subscribed to the newsletter.

  90. Mary Pitman says:

    I would love to win this exercise video! Am struggling along at age 59 with angina 2 yrs ago. Need to lose weight but it’s hard to break out of routine and just DO it! Need motivation!!!! Love your Facebook posts. and I need some of that face cream that just makes you look so amazing!!!

  91. Love your newsletter (and subscribe) and am a facebook fan too! I’m interested in this dvd but can’t buy it right now.

  92. I would love this video – I’ve got my grandma t-tapping, and my mom is itching to join.

    I also subscribe to the email newsletter.

  93. Kelly Houston says:

    I would love to win!!!

  94. Jennifer Downs says:

    Love reading your T-Tapp tips. You are an inspiration. I subscribe to the newsletter and I am also a FB fan.

  95. Karissa Rodgers says:

    I would be so super excited to win this! I am in for 3 entries, I follow you on fb, your blog and your news letter! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration.

  96. Traci Cornman says:

    LOVE T-Tapp!!! Already receive newsletter!!!!

  97. Traci Cornman says:

    Oops!!! I’m also a Facebook follower!!! Stalker, whatever!! :). 3 for me please!!!

  98. I would love to win a copy of Senior Fit for my mom. She had just recovered from back surgery when she fell and Rome her shoulder in 4 spots. She needs a safe workout that is challenging in order to regain core strength and balance. I think I qualify for 2 entries, I am a subscriber, and a fan of the Facebook page. Thank you!

  99. Catherine says:

    I would love to try this workout! I am a Facebook fan and a newsletter subscriber, 3 entires please!

  100. I would love to win Senior Fit! My body seems to respond better to slower movements.

  101. Ugh, iPhone spell check! That was “broke her shoulder”, not Rome 🙂

  102. How fun. I like secret mission spy stuff. I especially like free giveaway gifts! Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. Charlotte, I would LOVE to have Senior Fit! I can’t wait to try those pb cookies either!

  104. Christy Walker says:

    Would love, love, love Senior Fit. I’m a subscriber to your newsletter and have liked your Facebook page.

  105. Oops, I forgot. I’m a loyal subscriber too!

  106. Ruth Robinson says:

    Loving the results of the T-Tapp workouts.

  107. I’m good for 3 entries. I have loved your newsletter btw. You have such an refreshing approach to life. I don’t get stressed out about my inadequacies reading your stuff, just encouraged. Thanks for all your words of encouragement and wisdom.

  108. I will throw my hat in the ring! I would like to try Senior Fit to treat my back issues and introduce my parents to T-Tapp as well.

  109. Would love to win it. Enter me twice-newsletter and blog.

  110. Would like to win it for my mom! Thanks!

  111. Sandy Johnson says:

    I’d love to try it! x3

  112. Laura Browne says:

    I would love to win this! I need an easier option and something to add to my workouts! Thanks so much for your blog and inspiration 🙂

  113. I am not a senior…. But I feel like one somedays! I receive the newsletter and am a fan on FB! Thanks for the giveaway! Who ever wins will certainly appreciate it!

  114. Just like everyone else who has commented, I would love to win this DVD. I am a subscriber, so that gives me 2 entries.

  115. Thanks for entering me;) I already like your page and subscribe to your email so that’s 3 for me:)

  116. What a great give-away! I am already a FB fan AND a newsletter subscriber (which I love, by the way), so put me in three times! Thanks!

  117. I would love to win Senior Fit! I was at the Piedmont workshop where you showed us some of the new moves…great stuff.
    Entry #2 I am a follower on FB.
    Entry #3. I subscribe to the newsletter.

  118. Would love to win the Senior Fit DVD.

  119. Entry # 3 (already a newsletter subscriber) for senior fit
    Entry # 2 on FB – Tera Mundy
    Entry # 1 – above

    With thanks.
    (From Canada)

  120. Wow, that is an easy recipe! I am a loyal fan and would like to be enteredf for the Senior Fit giveaway!

    Thank you!

  121. Forgot to add that I am also a newsletter subscriber and on Facebook!

  122. Thanks for the opportunity to be blessed by sharing T-Tapp with someone special who desperately needs it! I am a newsletter subscriber as well as Facebook. Count me in. I am looking forward to trying this workout and sharing it with others who need better health.

  123. I love TTap! Making 3 entries to get Senior Fit. Enjoy your newsletter and blog. Thanks!

  124. I would love to win Senior Fit! I am excited to introduce T-Tapp to my step-mother.

    I am already a subscriber, so 2 entries please.

  125. Charlotte, You are an inspiration and I always enjoy look forward to your blog posts! Thank you for offering the chance to win the Senior Fit DVD!

  126. Just liked you on Facebook!

  127. I am a newsletter subscriber. Please enter me for the T-Tapp Senior Fit DVD. By the way I love your newsletter and the tips you give.

  128. Roberta Akers says:

    Would love to win senior fit!
    Entry #1 Here
    Entry #2 FB
    Entry #3 Newsletter subscriber

  129. My family is a huge fan of T-Tapp and I would love to win the SeniorFit DVD for my Grandmother! I think she would love it! I really enjoy your newsletter and your workouts!

  130. I’d love to win this! Although, right now, I’m just happy that I’m back on track! I’m already a fan and subscriber, so I qualify for three entries! 😉

  131. Cindy Fisher says:

    Hi I am super interedted in TTAP and have been friends and following you FB gor a while. I JUST joined your email list last week. I find your full of great informstion and inspiration for this 53 year old homeschool mom who need to loose a bunch of weight.I would love to win this dvd set as it is tbe I would most like to buy.

  132. I LOVE T-Tapp! Being a senior now I would sure be blessed with a senior specific workout! ! I so enjoy reading the insights, tips, recipes and encouragement this blog brings to my week and sharing portions of it with my friends! \o/

  133. Ang Friesen says:

    Three entries for me. Thanks for all of your encouragement, in so many ways!

  134. Melissa Johns says:

    Thank you Charlotte for the opportunity to win the Senior workout! Looking forward to trying the Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. Also, I live close to AR, TX, and LA borders….what a great field trip to find the Tri-State marker that was mentioned in your blog!

  135. Put me down with 2 entries. One for the blog and one for the newsletter. Reading your comments about this workout makes me very excited. I struggle with adrenal issues, so anything that helps me feel better and improve my energy is worth trying. I do primary back stretch everyday which helps a lot.

  136. I’m a facebook fan and a newsletter subscriber, so please enter me three times. This is the workout that I really want to learn this spring!

  137. 1. Facebook fan
    2. Newsletter subscriber
    3. Really, really need something to get me back on
    The t-tapp program.

  138. Dena Griffin says:

    I would LOVE to own a copy of this DVD! I am a facebook fan, a newsletter subscriber and I have now commented on this post – total 3 entries! – please =)

    Your posts bring me joy and a great boost for the day. Love your positive attitude. Keep up the good work!! — Dena

  139. I’ve been a loyal subscriber and reader for a long time! I’m already a great believer in the MORE workout, but you have me very excited to try the Senior Fit workout, too. Thanks, Charlotte!

  140. Thank you for offering this DVD. I would love to win it!
    Again, thanks for all the encouragement that you provide.’

  141. ~ Karen ~ says:

    I’d love to try Senior Fit!! I “liked” your Facebook page a long time ago, and I’ve subscribed to the newsletter as well. I guess that gives me three entries. 🙂

  142. Suzanna Snader says:

    I’d love to add this to my collection of T-tapp DVDs. Just signed up for the newsletter so that makes 3 entries for me! Thanks for making this available!

  143. Would love to give “Senior Fit” as a gift to my mother. She recently bought Teresa Tapp’s “Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes,” and I think the video would be great to help her with form.

    I also receive the newsletter, so 2 entries please.

    Thank you Charlotte!

  144. I would love to have this dvd! I am a loyal subscriber and also a facebook fan!

  145. Holy cow – look at all the comments! Consistency – You keep preaching that it pays off. Apparently your consistent encouragement does as well. 54 years and anything positive is from TTapp 15 minute workout, but ready for something FRESH! Thank you!

  146. I so want this! I am a loyal newsletter subscriber, a facebook fan, and I am entering this blog post – that makes three entries, and my fingers are crossed!! 🙂

  147. Just became a recent T-Tapper and found your site. Liking you on Facebook and signing up for the newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  148. Let me be more accurate…anything positive in my life is because of God :)the muscle tone is because He led me to the 15 minute Workout 🙂

  149. This sounds like a fabulous workout… I’d love to win a copy!
    Entry #1 – check

    Already a Facebook fan!
    Entry #2 – check

    A loyal newsletter reader!
    Entry #3 – Check

    Thank you so much… for ALL you do Charlotte!

  150. I’m a newsletter subscriber, a fan on facebook, and I’m leaving a comment. Thank you for introducing me to TTapp! That’s a total of 3 entries.

  151. I’ve heard so many great things about the senior fit workout! Comment = #1, FB fan #2, Newsletter #3. Thanks for all you do to keep us updated and in the loop. You rock!

  152. I would LOVE to win this one. I don’t have FB, but I am a subscriber to the newsletter. So, 2 for me. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  153. 3 entries, please! I get your newsletter by email and am a FB fan. I’d love to try the Senior Fit program. I’m not quite senior yet, but your review of it the other day was very inspiring. I’m trying to shed the last 5 pounds, as well as get more toned and fit so I can do a triathlon before I turn 50 (two years).

  154. carol peterson says:

    I have been introduced to T Tapp through your blog and This Humbled Homemaker. Both of you look healthy with a zest for life, and it is inspiring to hear how the LORD enabled you to lose the excess weight.
    I am in the senior department and want to maintain my health, strength and beauty for the LORD and my husband. I have been attempting to incorporate the Hoe-down and a couple other things that Teresa has demonstrated online. It would be wonderful to have her set.

  155. I would love to try Senior Fit, but I would probably give it to my mom if I won it. 🙂

  156. I am also a FB fan AND a newsletter subscriber!
    I LOVE your newsletters, one of the few that I always read!

  157. Two entries for me, one for this posting and one because I am a subscriber. Would love Senior Fit.

  158. Debi Foreman says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the Senior DVD, sounds like just the thing I need to get these bones moving again!
    I like your Facebook!
    I’m subscribed to your newsletter!
    Have a blessed day and thanks again!

  159. Brandy Buskow says:

    I would love to get Senior Fit so I have another workout in my arsenal I can use while I recover from adrenal fatigue.

    Thank you Charlotte!

  160. I would love to win this! My daughter and I are only 3 months into t-tapp and loving it. I am a combination body and not losing as fast as I would like but by daughter has lost almost 30 inches.
    I am a subscriber to the newsletter.

  161. Heather G. says:

    Love reading all your articles. They are inspiring and encouraging to this mom of 9, soon to be 10. Can’t wait to get back to exercise after this baby. Keep on Keeping on!!

  162. I have been doing t-tapp for almost 3 months. I gave it to myself for Christmas this last year in hopes that I might finally be able to give myself a boost and lose the weight that I have been trying to for 2 years. I was so thrilled after my first two months and losing nearly 30 inches. My mom told me about ttapp and we are loving it. I am a subscriber to the newsletter and I think I better find you on facebook!!

  163. I have been wanting to try this for so long. I just couldn’t afford to purchase because my husband lost his job. Thank you for this opportunity!

  164. I am a subscriber

  165. Look forward you newsletters and have been wanting senior fit and hope I can win this.



  166. I would love to win Senior Fit! I am so encouraged in my T-Tapp journey by your blog. Thank you for sharing you life with the rest of us.

  167. Shirley Martin says:

    I would love to have the Senior Fit.

  168. I’d like to win!

  169. Wow! Thanks for having this giveaway! I would love to win and I’m also a newsletter subscriber.

  170. I’m a newsletter subscriber, so that makes 2 entries!

  171. Shannon Gunther says:

    This would be amazing dvd to win. I am loyal subscriber in your blog and a fan on facebook 🙂

  172. Jennifer may says:

    I would love to win this for my mom:-)

  173. Jennifer may says:

    I am already an email subscriber- and really enjoy the emails!

  174. Thank you for offering this giveaway! I would love to win and give it to my mother. I’m a FB fan and a subscriber, so I get 3 entries 🙂

  175. Jennifer may says:

    I recently became a fan on Facebook!

  176. I would love to win this. I injured my back doing the Ladybug workout last November and cannot do most do the DVDs. I am hoping the Senior Fit will help rehabilitate my back (I understand there is not much bending). Thanks for your ministry!

  177. I’m having such a great T-Tapp journey, I’d love my mother-in-law to join me, Senior Fit would be perfect for her! It would be so exciting to win!

  178. Ellen Summers - Stillwater says:

    I’d love to win the DVD!

  179. Aloha Amy says:

    1, 2, 3; done, already was, done! I’m saving up $$$ for Senior Fit and know I need to get it seeing the results that everyone else is having. My progress has been slow during this challenge and I’m thinking SF is what will move me up to the next level. Thanks for all of your encouraging comments on FB and for hosting a give-away! 🙂

  180. I loved the senior fit demonstrations that you gave at the T-TAPP seminar. I’d love to have the DVD to jog my memory (and everything else that jiggles!)

  181. Please enter me! I’ve been excited about senior fit ever since I heard about it several years ago. Alas, wouldn’t you know, it came out just after I’d ordered Healthy Hormones Menopause Management? Hard for me to justify buying another workout so soon.

  182. I am also a Charlotte Siems fan on Facebook.

  183. I ordered Sr. Fit but it has not arrived yet. If I win this one I will share it with someone very dear to me. I subscribe to the newsletter and I will be posting on FB as well! Those add up to 3 chances. Thanks, Charlotte for your encouragement. You are a blessing to us all.

  184. I am a subscriber to your newsletter, too! 🙂

  185. Thank you so much for this wonderful offer. I’m in on all 3! Have a blessed day 🙂

  186. I have read great things about Senior Fit! And thanks for the encouraging posts. Keep up the wonderful work Charlotte!

  187. Sally Beyer says:

    Senior Fit sounds like a blessing and I’m anxious to learn more about it.

  188. I’m a loyal subscriber and would love to win Senior Fit! I need a boost to get me going and get fit!

  189. Chris Hedrick says:

    I would be excited to journey over to Senior Fit!! Thanks for being an inspiration Charlotte!

  190. Kelly Laflin says:

    I’m a subscriber and I would love to have this DVD.

  191. Robbin Poetzl says:

    I just started T-Tapping and I love it. Would love to get my mom started on the T-tapping journey as well. I’m thinking this would be a perfect gift to get her started. =)

  192. Thanks for two chances to win … this post and the fact that I receive the newsletter. I would love three but I am not on facebook. Bummer! I am so happy for the chance as I just can’t afford the DVD right now. You are awesome!

  193. Robbin Poetzl says:

    And I’ve already signed up for the Newsletter and am a fan on Facebook.

  194. Jolene Allen says:

    I would love to win the Senior Fit DVD. I already get the newsletters so thank you for two chances to win. 🙂

  195. Heather Smith says:

    Thank-you so much for the chance to win. I am loving TTapp and your emails are very motivational to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have 12 kids, but I do homeschool my 5 kiddos and I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you did in the beginning. Your story makes my goals seem more doable!
    Thanks again.
    I have 3 entries: I already subscribe to your emails, I liked your facebook page and commented on the blog post.

  196. Sondra Donaldson says:

    What a fabulous opportunity! I would love to win the Senior Fit DVD. I’m very intrigued at how you are seeing more results with this new program. I am eligible for 3 entries. I also love your easy recipes…keep them coming. Thanks again.

  197. Hi Charlotte! I’d love to win. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter for a while now and really enjoy it. Two entries please and thank you!

  198. I am a loyal subscriber, a FB fan and also a T-tapper who continues to appreciate all that you share of yourself with us. You have truly been an inspiration and blessing in many ways. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  199. I would love to be entered to win this! I love the T-Tapp workouts! I also like your facebook page and subscribe to the newsletter.

  200. I would love to win this!!
    Entry #2… I already like your facebook page
    Entry #3… I already subscribe to your email newsletter.

    And I love them all! Thank you for being my inspiration!

  201. Kelly Whatley says:

    3 entries for me, please! I’m already a FB friend and I already recieve Charlotte’s newsletter. I’ve been hoping the Senior Fit DVD would be offered on a Discount Tuesday. It sounds like something I would truly benefit from since by some I’m considered a senior, now that I’m 50. I faithfully workout to the Basic Workout Plus, which has helped my neck and back, and my strength so much. I can’t go without it even for a week!

  202. Stephanie says:

    Senior fit seems like a great program!! Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  203. Charlotte, you were my first introduction to T-Tapp through your YouTube testimonial, and your newsletter is one of the things that has inspired me to keep going! 2 entries here:)

  204. Denise Baligad says:

    Aloha!! Senior Fit seems my speed~haha!! Hope to win! Blessings to you!

  205. Ooh, I would love to win the Senior Fit DVD after what you have said about it! I’m needing extra inspiration with low cortisol levels that mean I don’t burn fat well if at all right now! T-tapp has done wonders in strengthening my back.
    Please enter me three times for commenting, subscribing to the newsletter, and being a Facebook fan. Thank you!

  206. What a fun giveaway..not to mention good for the winner 🙂
    I am a facebook fan of yours…
    And..I’m already a subcriber to your newsletter!!
    {That makes 3 entries for me 🙂 WOOT!! }

  207. 1. I subscribe to your newsletter.

    2. I follow you on facebook.

    3. I am disabled, would love to work on getting stronger and healthier. My adrenal are weak, thyroid issues, MS, and other health issues. Please.

  208. I enjoy your newsletter and am new to T-Tapp. Your testimony is such an inspiration! Would like to win this for parents.

  209. I’d love to win. Always exciting to see the new ttapp videos come out!

  210. I enjoy reading your newsletter. I have recently started back with T-Tapp because I have realized that T-Tapp really does work in more ways than one. I have read a lot about Senior Fit and hoping to win the DVD.

  211. Amy Kulcak says:

    Thanks for offering the Senior Fit DVD! We just had our 7th child two weeks ago, and due to circumstances, I had to have my first c-section. I would love to use the DVD to get in shape. I need to take better care of this body of mine so I can take better care of everybody in my life. Kudos to whomever wins the DVD! T-Tapp is really a great program.

  212. Sr. Fit!! I’m saving up to order Sr. Fit so winning this would be amazing!! I am also a Facebook friend and receive the newsletter. Love all the great advice you share. Thank you!!

  213. Lori Knight says:

    I would love to receive Senior Fit to give as a gift (I already have a copy of this awesome DVD). I am a Facebook fan and a newsletter subscriber already! Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. Sure would like this for my Grandma!

  215. I would love to receive this. I would love to try this DVD out to see how I like it and also have several people I would like to pass T-TAPP on to.

    I am a already a subscriber (so enter me 2X).


  216. I would love to win this for my mom. I am already a fb fan and I just signed up for the newsletter. Thanks so much!!

  217. Loyal subscriber and would love to win. Thanks for everything!

  218. I would love to win. I am a newsletter subscriber already so 2 entries.
    Thanks a lot!

  219. I’m going to make the PB cookies in a sugar-free version for a diabetic friend. Thanks for the simple recipe. Thanks for the drawing for the Senior Fit.

  220. Hi Charlotte,
    I hope I win! I’m a Facebook fan and subscribe to your newsletter.

  221. Im a newsletter subscriber & I need Senior fit!

  222. Stephen Burke says:

    looking for a way to have the highest quality of life possible,at every age.

  223. Hello, I’d love to have Senior Fit! It sounds amazing.
    Entry #2, I have been getting your newsletter for ages.
    Entry #3 – I would “like”you if I had a Facebook account… 🙂

  224. Oh, I’d love this. I have adrenal fatigue and have been tailoring my other T-Tapp workouts, but it sounds like this wouldn’t require any adjustments.

  225. I would love to win this Senior Fit DVD since I have been struggling with adrenal issues. I believe it was Trisch who stated that some trainers had noticed when you where doing Senior Fit at Safety Harbor they noticed a difference in your energy levels and believe it did help you with your adrenal issues.

    I am also a facebook fan and I subscribe to this newsletter.

  226. Sharyn Kelly says:

    I have wanted Senior Fit since you posted about it. Unfortunately, it is not in the budget!!
    Your loyal fan,

  227. Let’s see…I’m posting now, I receive the newsletter, and I am a fan of hours on FB! Sounds like a great video!

  228. My mom and I were just talking about the new senior workout. I’d love to win a copy!!

  229. Three entries for me please! Here, FB and subscriber too! Thanks, it would be awesome to win this video!!

  230. Charlotte … I bought your book and I relate to you in SO many ways (not the 12 kids, though … I’ve only had 3). Your book has inspired me to make this the year I “get consistent” with T-tapp! Count me in for 3 entries, as I’m a subscriber AND a facebook fan (and I’ve now left this comment! 🙂

    Thank you for all your encouragement! I’m hoping to have my own amazing story to tell in 18 months…

  231. I am a facebook fan, and newsletter subscriber. I would love to win the Senior fit program for my own use as well as to share with some family members. So i believe that i qualify for 3 entries. Thank you,

  232. Dorcha Martin says:

    I would love to win the Senior workout package!

  233. Suzanne Baxter says:

    The dvd I have been using just quit working, I guess it has worn out, So I decided to sign up and maybe get a new workout to do this way. I am a facebook fan and receive the newsletter. T-Tapp is crazy good!

  234. Hi,
    I would love to win a Senior Fit workout. I have been thinking about ordering it soon. I enjoy your Facebook and I am a subscriber to your newsletter. I enjoy all your comments and look forward to reading them.

  235. Wendy Marple says:

    I love your blog updates. They are very useful.

  236. Wendy Marple says:

    I missed saying in my previous post that I also am connected on facebook and receive your newsletter so that is 3 entries.

  237. Been following your site for a while now, so qualify for subscriber entry. Thank you for the give away.

  238. Happy MOnday Charlotte – I enjoy reading your emails each and everyday, and especially pictures of your family. Thank you!

  239. Hannah Person says:

    Love Senior Fit, want to add my extra 3 entries to increase the chance for my MOM to win!! Thanks so much Charlotte:)

  240. Diane Wunderlich says:

    T-tapp is the best! Please put me in for 3 entries…..I’m a subscriber, a facebook fan, and am commenting here. Thanks.

  241. Angela Gartner says:

    I really liked SF when I first tried it a few years back, but haven’t gotten around to getting the workout yet. Winning would be awesome. Your email newletter is great.

  242. This is such a great opportunity. Thank you. I am a facebook fan and get your newsletter. Three entries please.
    You always give me something to think about or work on. I love your wisdom!

  243. Jan Dorothy says:

    After reading your awesome review of Senior Fit I’ve been wanting this one!
    Also a facebook friend and subscriber. Now I’m going to pass this on to my sweet sister in law 🙂

  244. Thanks Charlotte, I really enjoy the recipes you post.

    Have you ever tried these cookies using the whole egg?

    I am already friends w/ you on Facebook and receive your newsletter.

    Hope I win!! My mom is 94 years young and she would greatly benefit from some TTapp senior fit 🙂

    Thanks for your tips and recipes…keep’em comin’ !


  245. I would love to win and share it with my mother.
    #2 already a facebook fan
    #3 already an email subscriber
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  246. Thanks for this “mission”, Charlotte! Still a T-tapp newbie, and I’ve hit a plateau after my intial inch loss a few months ago. Feeling a bit discouraged, but your newsletters keep me inspired! I’m not giving up! 😉 Thank you!!

    Two entries for me, please since I subscribe to your newsletter, also.


  247. Dawn Gehling says:

    Dear Charlotte! I follow with great pleasure the newsletter and facebook posts as well as your wonderful newsletter. I have been on and off t-tapp for years, but recently (four weeks ago) I did it again. After a week of daily 15 min. work outs I went to three days a week. I am down a pant size and all my shirts that I couldn’t button now fit correctly! I am always convinced when I do the work that this work out works! Thanks for keeping it in my mind so I can stay consistent. God bless! And I would love to give that new work out a try and have many friends I want to see it!

  248. Just signed up all 3 places! Need to keep motivated. So 3 entries please! Thanks

  249. I enjoy all your posts and newsletter so much. I really loved meeting you, you are an inspiration to me. I would love to win the senior fit for my mother, she really needs to get moving, and I think she would feel confident in trying this. Thanks!

  250. Deb Petteplace says:

    I would love to try Senior Fit…….
    Thanks Charlotte for all your great articles, I enjoy them.

  251. Baby #6 is not quite 3 weeks old so I’ll need to start exercising again in a few more weeks. This DVD would be great! I’m also a newsletter subscriber.

  252. *Jumping up and down, waving hands* Pick me, oh please oh please oh please! Thank you!

    P.S., I can’t wait to try this peanut butter cookie recipe as soon as I’m done with my 21-day sugar fast.

  253. Ditto Anne above! 🙂 I’d love to try the new workout. Also, I really like your new blog heading. Pretty!

  254. I would love to win this workout! T-tapp is fabulous, and your description of this new workout really seems like it would work on the areas where I need some extra help.

  255. I am eligible for all three steps! I would love Sr. Fit! Thanks for the opportunity to try to win! And for all of the great tips and encouragement!

  256. Loving the blog with lots of encouragement. Thanks for all the good stuff! Would love to be a winner!!!

  257. I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a year now and you have given me so much hope and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. 2 entries.

  258. Kristine Ruetz says:

    I am also eligible for all three steps! 🙂 Yay! Thanks! Great place to be encouraged!

  259. Marion G. says:

    I read and love your newsletter! Thank you so much!!
    I’m a mom of three from germany and we’ve got the same problems here. ;o)

  260. I’m loving Seior Fit and would love to give it to my sister in Mexico. I’m in for all three. Thanks for all the encouragement you give us Charlotte. We appreciate YOU!!!!

  261. Jill Grouse says:

    I would love to try this new workout. Enter me 3 times since I am a FB fan and I subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks so much. Charlotte you are an inspiration that helps keep me doing T-Tapp even when it gets hard.

  262. Anonymous says:

    I’m a loyal subscriber, love your blogs & would love a t-tapp for seniors. Though I’m not a senoir just yet, sometimes I feel like one and I’ve heard it its a tough workout. 🙂

  263. Would love a change to win Senior Fit. I am also a subscriber so that makes 2 entries. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  264. Karolee Gregory says:

    I would love to win Sr Fit! 🙂 I need some variety around here! 😉 I also like you on FB and am subscribed to your newsletter!

  265. March 17th will be my lucky day. Just the right DVD for getting me motivated. Entering 2 times. Look forward to reading your emails. Thank you for the inspiration, Charlotte!!!

  266. I would love to try this! Your reviews of it have me intrigued! Thanks!

    I like your facebook page!

    And I subscribe to your blog!

  267. I love your blog – encouraging, great tips, and I love the recipes from a real Mom! It feels like we are old friends! 🙂

  268. Please enter me for all 3 chances to win! You are wonderful, Charlotte. Thanks for all you do!

  269. Carla Manning says:

    I would love to win Senior Fit. Also a fan of Facebook page and a subscriber. That makes 3 total entries. Thank you for this drawing. Love T-Tapp. Doing good things for mind and body.

  270. Jaime Brorman says:

    Charlotte, you are an inspiration to me. I would love to win Senior Fit. I am a fan of your FB page and a subscriber… so I guess it makes 3 entries for me. Thank you so much!

  271. Here’s my comment – “Would really like to try Senior Fit!” Also, already subscribed to the newsletter (which I read and find very encouraging!) and “friends” on Facebook!

  272. Pat Anderson says:

    Love your blog, liked your FB page, and Mondays and Thursdays are the highlights of my week so I can hear your wisdom in your newsletter. A Senior Fit video!!! That would be fantastic! You are great!

  273. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to win the Senior Fit!! If I already like your page on facebook and receive your e-mail newsletter, do I need to do it again for other chances to win?


  274. Charlotte Siems says:

    Hi Therese,
    Nope you’re good! We’ll count your three chances!

  275. Cyndi Wilson says:

    I’d love to win this DVD!
    I am a facebook fan and a newsletter subscriber.

    PS The fact that your daughter was wearing the same outfit for 3 days — priceless! (Needs to be on one of those old Mastercard commercials.)

  276. Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to experience Senior Fit. I have been doing BWO+ and TWO for 5 total weeks (with rest days of course) … I’ll be completing my 6th week this Saturday. Twenty-two and one-quarter inches GONE along with eight pounds. I’ll do this the rest of my life. I’d love a copy of Senior Fit to keep me busy.

    Thanks again! I’m a subscriber but not on Facebook.

  277. Susan Smith says:

    Would love to win this!
    Entry #2 I am a subscriber of your newsletter

  278. I’d love a copy of Senior fit! I’m on Facebook also.

  279. Charlotte, I talked to you at THSC last summer. You gave me permission to stop and rest during a workout, and to just work out for 15 (ish) minutes. You also encouraged me to be consistent with 4 to 5 workouts per week and taught me what lats were. You encouraged me that doing workout right is more important then finishing it. NOW I am seeing results in my workouts. Thank you so much. PS I have enjoyed the TTapp snippets in your blog as well.

  280. Would love to try the Senior Fit. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  281. And I also subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks!

  282. Entry#1: I would love to win a T-Tapp Senior Fit!
    Entry#2: I am a Facebook fan already.
    Entry#3: I receive your Newsletter.


  283. Andrea Peters says:

    I would love to try this new workout! I believe in the form and techniques so I’d love to see how this one works! -Andrea Peters

  284. Andrea Peters says:

    New subscriber!

  285. Andrea Peters says:

    And Facebook fan! Also will share the opportunity!

  286. Tammy Thompson says:

    Would love to give Senior Fit a try!!

  287. Tammy Thompson says:

    I am already a FB fan!!

  288. Tammy Thompson says:

    I also receive your newsletter!!

  289. Can’t wait to try this one! It’s for all I am looking for!

  290. Brittany Corn says:

    Planning on getting this for my grandma! She’s super excited about how t-Tapp can help with her blood sugar issues.

  291. Pam Ogaaard says:

    I would love to give this a try. I have TBW and love it! I’m ready to give other workouts a try.

  292. Rhea Bender says:

    I would love to win this DVD! I’m a big fan of T-Tapp and of you. 🙂 I’m eligible for 3 entries. Thanks!! God Bless!

  293. My inches and weight are at a T-Tapp stall; I need this workout to mix things up ASAP! Julie

  294. Kim Barrios says:

    Senior Fit sounds exactly like what I need. Please enter me three times. I am an email subscriber AND Facebook follower, as well. Thank you for this great opportunity!

  295. LOVE T-tapp!!! I get 3 entries – WOOHOO!! 🙂

  296. I would love to win a copy. I’m also a facebook fan and newsletter subscriber.

  297. Elizabeth N says:

    How wonderful! I’ve heard so much about Senior Fit and would love to win one! I’m also a newsletter recipient and facebook friend so that makes three (3) entries 🙂

  298. Cheri Silva says:

    Anything Teresa Tapp is involved with has to be good. I love all that she stands for. My body is looking much better since I started on her programs and I would just love to have the senior exercise DVD. To win it would be a blessing. Thank you Teresa, I’m so glad I tuned into PBS last year when you were on.

  299. I get your newsletter and like you on FB, so three entries, pretty please! 🙂

  300. Mandy Webster says:

    I would. Love love love to win this for my mom! I love my T-tapp!

  301. Michelle Kuntz says:

    Thanks for the chance. One entry.

  302. I would love to win this. I haven’t been able to save up the money for it and REALLY need it!
    2. I am a friend on your facebook page….does that count as a like? =)
    3. I am already signed up for your newsletter….and love it by the way! =)

  303. I loved hearing you speak at our homeschool meeting last week. I’m excited about the opportunity to win Senior Fit! I liked you on FB, and have already signed up for your newsletter. Thank you so much!

  304. tanya Thexton says:

    thanks for the chance to win. I qualify for two entries —this comment and the newsletter.

  305. I’d really love to win a copy of this DVD.I’ve heard that it makes “wonders”. I can’t wait to try it myself too.
    I already like you facebook and receive your newsletters.

  306. Kristin Freeman says:

    This is one I need. My pituitary died, was surgically removed and grew back and now needs to be jump started and strengthened to work agsin. I this would help my whole endocrine system work again. (Including diabetes, femaik hormines, thyroid, adrenals and mostly t he pituitary. 🙂 cant wait. Either way, I will be adding it soon. 🙂 Chsrlette, you so encouraging and an awesome example. I figured, if you having 12 could do it, then I could havong 9. Blessings.

  307. I’d really love to have the Senior Fit DVD!
    I’m subscribed to your newsletter.
    I’m a facebook fan.

  308. Kim Lewis says:

    As a FB fan, newsletter subscriber, I recently ordered 3 of your ebooks and am working at getting out from under the pile of it that has been building up since I left my ex and bought my own house…

  309. Ellen Nichols says:

    I love T-tapp and would love the Senior Fit dvd!
    I’m subscribed to your newsletter and I’m a facebook fan:)

  310. Assuming you’re happy to include people not in the US!

    I’d love to give this to my mum (and dad:-) ). They’re finally owning to _maybe_ getting old (mum will be 80 in a couple of months, and dad is older:-) ), and they’re finding it harder to get out of the house and go walking (mind you, part of that is time—they’re both still really busy with their various projects!)

    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter:-)

  311. Looking forward to trying the Senior Fit workout. Every T-Tapp workout is worth the money. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  312. Would love to win this to give to my dear sister-in-law who is still dealing with physical limitations due to Guillain Barre syndrome.

  313. I already susbscribe to your newsletter. Forgot this in my last post.

  314. If I can count, I have three entries! Thanks for the giveaway. Senior Fit is on my Wish list!

  315. Anne-Marie says:

    Loving my newsletter updates…and liked now on Facebook so that makes three! Thanks for the opportunity! My poor body needs this!

  316. I love getting my newsletter from Charlotte and today’s hit home
    really hard! Senior Fit would be a “gentler” start to a new me!

  317. TinaJewel says:

    I’d love to try this!
    so 3 entries for me!
    I subscribe to your newsletter and am a facebook fan also!

  318. I just want to say how much I love your website and newsletter – I find them very encouraging. Thanks for all the work you do in putting them together.

  319. Shelley Miller says:

    Thanks for your encouragement! I am a FB fan and subscribe to your newsletter! Thanks!

  320. I appreciate all of your encouragement, Charlotte!

  321. I already subscribe to your newsletter and have long wanted to start ttapping. Your writing is a blessing! Thank you.

  322. Kathy Wheeler says:

    I would LOVE to own this dvd. It sounds perfect for me. Thank you!

  323. Would love to try Sr Fit!!! (also I think the pic you used for the spy is cute 😉 )

  324. Am a fb follower 🙂

  325. Shannon E. says:

    Thanks SO much for the opportunity to win this! Entering x’2 because I am also a Facebook fan:)

  326. Shannon E. says:

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  327. Patricia R says:

    As a newsletter recipient, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the sweet and inspiring things I receive in my inbox. Thank you!

  328. Candace K says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber and a facebook fan! I would love to try Senior Fit!! Thanks for all your encouragement Charlotte!

  329. also subscribe to your blog email newsletters!

  330. I’m in my last seven days of the 60-day challenge! Hoping to be pleasantly surprised by my photos! I tried Senior Fit once, and it would definately help me to lose inches faster!

  331. pick me (:

  332. Charlotte you are very inspiring and encouraging on so many levels. I have been using T-Tapp + for exactly 2 months. Being 60 it has given me a plan and I have felt more energy. Senior Fit would probably take me to another level. Thank you for your newsletters.

  333. Sue Aaron says:

    Would love to have this dvd! I have hit the “senior” years, even thought I know the dvd is not only for seniors. Have been working somewhat on the 60 day challenge unofficially but have bad habits to break. I receive the newsletter, am a facebook fan, and have now posted, so 3 chances. Thank you for the chance!

  334. I would love to give this to my parents who are in their seventies. Senior fit t-tapp would be a perfect exercise program to help them create healthier lives!

  335. Charlotte, I would love to get started on Senior Fit. You are now the third T-Tapper who has encouraged me to try it. I read your book and it has inspired me to be consistent. I am starting to see a difference– my husband is noticing too. 1. I subscribe to your newsletter and 2. I am a face-book fan so 3. this comment makes three chances for me on Senior Fit. Thanks!

  336. Who wouldn’t want to win the Senior Fit workout? I feel like the little kid in the crowd Pick Me! Pick Me! Enjoy your weekly emails and your encouraging comments on Facebook. You are an inspiration to us all!

  337. Melissa M. says:

    I have been so encouraged by your newsletters and have been wanting to try T-Tap for some time.

  338. I would love to use the T-Tapp system. With multiple sclerosis, I have to be careful about exercise programs, and this sounds like a great fit. I’m not ready to concede my body to MS as a happily married 40-year-old homeschooling mom of 3. Maybe T-Tapp can help!

    I’ve got 3 entries, so maybe today will be the day that change begins!

  339. I’d love the PBS without flat back as I easily strain my back muscles! I also subscribe to the newsletter, but refuse to do facebook as a busy homeschool mom of 6.

  340. Heidi Nelson says:

    3 chances for me, FB, newsletter and comment here! I love your upbeat and encouraging newletters. Thanks for sharing your life with us 🙂

  341. I would love to win! I am a Facebook fan and also subscribe to your e-mail newsletter. I particularly appreciated your column this morning about burnout – it is so easy to believe everyone else has it all together. I appreciate your sharing from the heart about how you have helped yourself – some great ideas!

  342. Gail True says:

    Sure would love to workout with this program. I’ve tried part of it once and it really focuses on muscle activation!

  343. Hi Charlotte 🙂

    I been the recipient of so much grace and wisdom since I began following you about two years ago. Thank you for being open about your life and the lessons you have learned!

    I have been sharing ttapp with anyone who will listen for over a year now, and have a specific friend in mind for the senior fit workout. Thanks for the opportunity…..haha, seems a little far fetched for me to win after scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.
    I think I get all three entries though. Facebook, newsletter, this post.

    Blessings to you and your family!


  344. Rebecca Harris says:

    I would love to win the T-Tapp DVD. I have been encouraged by your success but just haven’t taken that next step and started on what you did. I think that I get 3 chances to win. I am a FB fan, I get your newsletter and I left this comment 🙂 Thanks!

  345. Jan Watts says:

    For the senior I will become one day, I’d love to get a copy of SeniorFit. I’m a T-Tapp fan already, but having another workout to learn would be encouraging.

  346. tabitha Dresser says:

    I would love to win a copy of senior fit! I am also a subscriber to your newsletter! Thanks for chances to win.

  347. Yay!

  348. Jill Rivard says:

    I’m pretty much a senior and a subscriber to your newsletter and facebook fan. I’m also your Beauty Camp roommate, Hannah’s mother :). Thank you for the blessing you were to her and to me through your newsletters.

  349. I’m so excited about SF! Have been waiting for it to come out for over 2 years! Charlotte you have been so inspiring with your physical and spiritual journey! I am a FB fan and subscribe to your newsletter!

  350. Mary Ellen says:

    Love your blog! Im a fan on Facebook & I subscribe to your newsletter! Senior Fit is amazing & I have several I’d love to give it too! Thanks!

  351. I am having a hard time, loosing weight, my daughter has your dvd’s. I have several things wrong with me, I can’t sit, stand or walk very far because from waste down goes numb on me and I really don’t know if Tapp’s will work for me but its worth a try, any suggestions. thanks.kaye

  352. Oh! I am 70 yrs old, if that helps. kaye

  353. How exciting to be able to win the dvd! I am also a subscriber!

  354. Nancy (a different one) says:

    I would love to have the Senior Fit DVD. I am a subscriber, an avid follower of Charlotte, a happy first-time Grammy, and in need of a nudge to get going on my T-Tapping.

  355. I would also love a copy of the Sr. Fit DVD!!!

  356. I really enjoy your website and would LOVE to win a new workout!

  357. 3 for me please! I have a Charlotte Seims file in my email box so I don’t miss any encouragement
    From you on t-tapp, homeschool,hospitality, family, wisdom. I also keep Renew MeVirtual coaching nearby as well.
    Senior Fit would be a great fit for me as my 49th birthday approaches and I still have 5 children 15-6 years old home schooling in a hotel since November 9th . We are waiting for our house to be repaired since a chimney fire on Election Day!
    T-tapping In the morning or afternoon when I can.

  358. I am a subscriber so 2 entries for me also. I would love to win…I am 51 and in the worst shape of my life with RA, OA, and fibro and obese. Fingers crossed….

  359. You are such an inspiration! God bless you and your family.

  360. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. I’m aso a subscriber to the newsletter and already “liked” your Facebook page, so I have 3 entries.

    I also want to thank you so much for posts. As a home schooling mom expecting my 11th baby and working on losing sizes the last several years, you encourage me so much. I often have tears, like now. I was so encouraged to know you’ve mostly just used the BWO+, which is all I’ve done so far. I felt like I had to get to the Total, but I just haven’t managed to after all this time. I struggle with being consistent with it though and little voices telling m even if I can only get 1-2 moves in it’s not worth it. Thank you for the constant reminders otherwise and your example. It gives me hope!

  361. Wow! So many entries for this fabulous giveaway!! I’ve been hearing great things about this workout and would love to win it! I have been a loyal subscriber since the beginning of your blogging journey and also a Facebook fan – so put me down for three entries! Hopefully one of them will be a winner !! 🙂

  362. Please enter me three times! facebook fan, a newsletter subscriber, and I have now commented on this post!
    This workout looks like just what I need.
    From a fellow Momofmany, your posts are so encouraging and really hit home!

  363. I would absolutely LOVE to own a copy of this DVD! I am a facebook fan, a newsletter subscriber and I have now commented on this post – total 3 entries!

    Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  364. I would love this to send to my mom. I have the basic set and while I think I would get a lot out of it, I can do with what I have. My mom has none and no money to get them. I would love to be able to bless her with this.

  365. I forgot to mention that I should have 3 total entries:)

  366. Keep starting T-Tapp but get sidetracked with back issues. Senior Fit might be just what I need!

  367. I follow you on Facebook. 🙂

  368. I subscribe to your newsletter. 🙂

  369. I am a subscriber and I’m commenting. No facebook for me – too distracting. I’m finally doing T-Tapp regularly, although I just hit a slump with a cold. Thanks for all your encouragement and hard work that motivates so many of us.

  370. I am already a subscriber! I’d love to win this!

  371. Charlotte, Thank you for the opportunity to enter, but, now that I’m here and have read a few of the other entries, it appears there are more than a few who need it more than I do. I am not on facebook, but I do receive your newsletters…and faithfully print them off to go into my T-tapp notebook of encouragement. I began my own 60+ day challenge Jan.1st leading up to our 30th wedding anniversary Apr.2nd.My husband was not in favor of my posting pics on the internet. I am making more headway than I ever have…sweating and smiling! THANK YOU!

  372. Yay! I qualify for all three entries. 🙂 I would love this for my mother in-law who thinks she can’t do anything in her small house. Thanks for the opportunity.

  373. I just started the total workout and would love the senior fit to do with my mom.

  374. L Katherine Baker says:

    I finally got going with my basic workout! this is my fourth day in a row and I already feeling that nice warm spine!

  375. Charlotte Siems says:

    Katie, that’s a good sign! Can’t wait to see your results!

  376. What a blessing to happen to see this offer today. We have just DRASTICALLY downsized our home, as we’ve moved in with my mom, who is 89 and ill. This is a huge blessing for us, as my husband’s income has been cut in half recently. She is helping us even more than we are helping her! Anyway, I would love Senior Fit because at the moment T-Tapp is too much for me. I’ve strained my arms and back in the move (a two-month process), and the slower, gentler pace would keep me exercising effectively, yet wouldn’t be too fast paced, which T-Tapp is at the moment. I need to stay on track with exercise for my daughter’s June wedding! Thank you, Charlotte, for extending the offer!

  377. Almost missed this since we were gone for a week. I have Sr. Fit but I would love to get it for my daughter because I think it would be soo helpful for her. I also subscribe and am a friend on FB. Thanks!

  378. Robin Hibi says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on FB.

  379. I love your blog and I’d love to win this so much.

    Entry #2 I am already a fan of your facebook page.
    Entry #3 I am already a subscriber of your newsletter.

  380. Stephanie says:

    I’m a subscriber and a FB fan. I love SF and would like to share it with my sister. I send copies of your newsletter to several people often – they are SO inspirational!

  381. constance michaels says:

    I am.a double entry and would love to win senior fit……been doing basic workout + on and off for.a.year and really see a difference in how I feel and look!

  382. Thank you Charlotte for being so inspiring! I have you liked on facebook and am a newsletter subscriber! I have a story to share with everyone. I have a workout partner, we get together after work and do t-tap together. She is quickly becoming a fan! She shared with her 86 year old grandmother that she was doing this workout and she said “T-tap I Love T-tap its the reason after I walk to the mailbox I can bend over and rinse my feet off”

  383. I would love Senior Tapp! I’ve heard so many good reports, I am super excited to use it!

  384. Would love to give this to my mom. She could really use it since her accident she is really struggling.

  385. Betty Mullaney says:

    wow! I see I have a lot of competition! Well, I’ve completed the 3 assigned missions. My fourth mission is to pray, pray, pray that I win!!

  386. Colleen Tripp says:

    I use the basic workout and love it.

  387. Colleen Tripp says:

    Please register me three times – facebook, newsletter & I’ve commented on your post. Your DVDs are wonderful.

  388. I love Ttapp and your blog Charlotte! Just finished Ttapp More bootcamp. Would love to try the new Senior Fit!

  389. Cathie Pool says:

    OK, Can’t wait to really kick this off!!!! I already follow you via e-mail/newsletter/facebook!!!!!!! LOVE all your suggestions! I even relay them to some loops of home schoolers I am on(4) and re-post sometimes on FB, of course I always give you the credit…”)

  390. Nancy Hausman says:

    I subscribe to newsletter and like on Facebook. I look forward to your encouraging words. I hope I win! I’ve been doing T-Tapp for almost three years and I love it.

  391. Lillian Schantz says:

    I would love the Senior Fit. I am a subscriber to your newsletter and a Facebook friend. I can always use another motivation to get me fit.

  392. Laci campbell says:

    Hope I win!

  393. So excited to possibly win! I homeschool 8 kiddos, and just started Ttapp. so far so good! 🙂

    I count for 3 – facebook and email.

    thanks so much,
    God Bless you!

  394. I’d love to win this. I need to try something new. I already am a facebook fan and I just signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your posts on facebook.

  395. Charlotte, you are so beautiful. There are so many wonderful success stories on the T-Tapp website, but yours is the one that plays over and over in my head.

    After the first time I read your story I went through the archives reading all your posts that I could find, trying to discern what it was about you that made you so successful.

    Later, I subscribed to your newsletter and pored over every issue, still trying to understand what it was that made you successful.

    Then, I ‘liked’ you on Facebook, but by this time I didn’t really care what made you successful at weight loss and exercise, because I had given up believing I would ever make the effort to even try to regain myself. I wanted your Facebook posts because I just plain enjoyed reading your inspirational quotes, about your happy marriage, your homemaking skills, etc. I didn’t believe I had those things, yet part of me still “wanted to want to” again be feminine, pretty, strong, capable, successful…

    And then a few days ago I woke up and the very first thought I had that morning wasn’t about my worries at work, or my less than lovely home, it was an epiphanic thought seemingly out of the blue: “You dont’ T-Tapp or exercise or take care of yourself because you don’t really think you are worth the effort.” Later that very same day I read your newsletter, Charlotte, and you shared how you had struggled with making yourself a priority in your busy life, how you had inadvertently isolated yourself from friends, how you put others’ needs ahead of your own, and I sat there holding that little phone and wiping tears, because you had just written what I have been experiencing for so many years.

    I gradually realized that if we both had experienced so much of the same ‘difficult’ areas, and if you had managed to triumph over those situations, that the missing key to your success, the reason I had been reading you for so many years, had to be in that article somewhere. I read it again. And again. And there it was. I finally realized that you succeeded because you believed you were worth the effort, and ones actions always expose ones beliefs.

    With your success freshly planted in my heart, I remembered you recently writing about the Senior Fit program, and how you thought it was possibly the best T-Tapp yet, and I just decided that “Senior Fit” was going to be my plan, my path, my personal success story, and I determined to buy it when I could affort it, and telling myself “this is not procrastination”, just pragmatism. AND THEN you started this giveaway, and it was like a sign to me. I want to win the program, certainly, absolutely, because it would take away the last bit of “wait” for me, but mostly because winning it would be the best part of my future “T-Tapp Success Story”.

    Thank you for entering me 3 times for this, and thank you for your continuing encouragement.

  396. I would lone to win!

  397. I love T-tapp. I would so love to win the Senior fit to help my mom who has tried T-tapp but it is too hard on her unhealthy chronic muscle diseased body.I believe Senior Fit could help her. Thank you for the opportunity. 3 entries for me!

  398. I’d love to win! I’m a Facebook Fan and also a newsletter subscriber.
    Thanks for my chances to win!

  399. I keep looking at the T-Tapp store but money is so tight right now. I’ve been using the try before you buy video clips. It would be nice to have a real, full video.

  400. Charlotte,
    I can’t begin to tell you how much you have encouraged me. I bought TTapp about 6 years ago and have used it on and off since then, but never on a very regular basis for more than a few weeks. Your faithful to do 15 minutes a day post really encouraged me. I’ve done it six days a week since the first of the month now. 15 min. minimum, but usually more. I’ve even worked up to the whole 50 min. TWO! Thanks for sharing your journey here.

  401. I don’t have a FB account, but I already subscribe to your newsletter.

  402. Charlotte Siems says:

    Comments are now closed for the random drawing. Thank you so much for entering and thank you for all of your lovely comments! Best wishes on winning!!

  403. Charlotte Siems says:

    Oops–re-opened comments just so that I could say to Audrey: WOW. I’m so honored to be a part of your journey. You hit the nail on the head: I finally realized that I was worth the effort. Teresa Tapp once told me that T-Tapp is all about growth and I believe that. I’ve watched T-Tapp change so many lives, but it’s because the person already had it within them, T-Tapp just helped release it. It was my first step in loving myself and accepting God’s love on a deeper level, and healing some deep-seated rejection issues. I’m still on that journey along with you. Thank you for sharing your heart. I know that good things are ahead of you!

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