Simple Ways to Start Fresh in the New Year

Simple Ways to Start Fresh in the New Year
 by Charlotte Siems


The new year is just around the corner and it’s a great time to get a fresh start in your life.  Whether you want to get in shape, manage your time or get a handle on your house cleaning, take advantage of the extra feeling of motivation this time of year to accomplish some easy and doable tasks.

Here are some simple ideas for ways to start fresh in the new year:
  • Clean out three drawers or cabinets in the kitchen.  Empty them out, throw away accumulated spare parts and wipe them out with a warm, soapy cloth.  Replace everything neatly and enjoy the space.  Do three more next week.
  • Buy a new journal and begin a new habit.  Use it to not only record your spiritual journey, but to explore your thoughts, journal your feelings, take notes and make lists.  
  • Supervise a deep-clean of children’s bedrooms before school starts!
  • Browse through a decorating magazine or book from the library to get inspiration for some winter décor for end tables, the coffee table, the mantel or other surfaces.
  • Think through what you want your life to look like this year.  Write it in your journal and it will help you make decisions.  Will an activity or task get you closer to the life you want?  If not, say no or make adjustments.
  • Declutter your clothing closet.  Get rid of clothes you don’t like.  Life is too short to dress ugly. 
  • Buy some new underwear.  Make sure it’s pretty—don’t settle.  
  • Add some fun or relaxing activities to your schedule.  Shopping, baths by candlelight, reading and pedicures make me feel refreshed, so they will be added to my schedule.  How about a regular “Mom’s Night Out” or “Mom’s Afternoon Out?”
Sometimes we get more done by taking baby steps and doing simple things.  Feeling overwhelmed about huge, complicated resolutions leads to giving up quickly.  We’re already so busy with everyday life that adding a bunch of new habits all at once is a recipe for failure.
Make a list of some areas that are bugging you, then write down some simple steps you can take to make some progress.  You’d be surprised what some decluttering and simplifying can do to help you feel hopeful and ready for more.  Complete some simple tasks to start the new year with a feeling of success and fresh motivation!
Do you have some simple tips to share?  Leave a comment below!

Charlotte Siems is a home-maker, home manager, T-Tapp Trainer, teacher, speaker and author.  Her story of losing over 100 pounds with T-Tapp has encouraged thousands of people all over the world.  She specializes in making home management and T-Tapp “doable” for real people and real life.  She is happy to be a wife and mother of twelve children whom she has successfully taught at home for 25 years.




  1. Jane Ballenger says:

    Loved the article from the archives!  Wow!  I knew I felt better but its great to know why! It encourages me to keep it up:)

  2. Gibsongirl45 says:

    Hi Charlotte and Merry Christmas!
    We went as a family with another family to see Tin Tin too. We had lots of fun:-)
    Thank you for your tips for this busy  hs mom who also works part time outside of the home! Your newsletter has been a great help to me:-) The new year will find me continuing the AL challenge again as well as BWOP. Once a week I try to do the TW if I have time, but it is mostly BWOP and all the leg workouts about four or five days a week:-) I am getting tight all over in a good way!!

  3. Carol Clark says:

    What an inspiration.  I intend to follow you in 2012.  Many Blessings to you & your HUGE family.  

  4. Charlotte, I’m interested in knowing more of your thoughts on journaling. Do you use one journal for EVERYTHING – ideas, successes, goals, thoughts, spiritual growth, planning? Or do you use multiple journals? I’m still dabbling with both ideas in my own life and am interested in your insights. Thanks so much!!

  5. Charlotte says:

    Hi Florence,
    I changed to using one journal for everything several years ago. Look for a blog post on this tomorrow! 🙂

  6. Yes! Okay I need to go write this down…”look for blog post tomorrow” ; ) Happy New Year to you!

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