Something Good You Used to Do

Quick question for you: Is there something good that you used to do, that you don’t do anymore?

I’m getting ready to do something for the first time in a l-o-n-g time. Something I used to do a LOT and was quite good at. That something is sewing.

I’ll be making kitchen curtains for the house we’re moving to. The fabrics are a dark green stripe to cover a cabinet opening, a linen-and-green stripe for the window by the table, and a combination of the light stripe and a beautiful flowered print for the window above the sink. 

It got me to thinking….and maybe you’ll ask yourself this question, too.

What are some other good things that I used to do, that I no longer do? 

It could be things like getting up early or journaling. Relationship things like lunch with a friend or regular date nights with your husband. Self-care things like lotion on your legs or deep conditioning your hair. 

Or maybe it’s a hobby you enjoyed….a coffee shop you used to frequent….

Notice the word “good.” We’re not talking hard, painful things here. We want things that are beneficial, useful, healing and low-pressure.

We can all use more good and pleasant and happy things in our lives these days. Maybe something here rings a bell and helps you realize what’s been laid aside or neglected.

Keep it easy and light. Pick it back up with no judgment on yourself. Just have fun with it. I’m looking forward to creating something beautiful with a sewing machine again. Find something good you used to do. And go create something beautiful.

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