How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Actually it’s how we’re spending our summer vacation, currently in progress.

First the family split up, but fortunately only temporarily. Two of the older guys accompanied me to the Texas Home School Coalition conference while the four girls and my husband came down to the Houston area a couple of days later. We all met at Galveston Island on Saturday night to commence our vacation.

We stayed at Gaido’s, this little family motel, last year after our son’s wedding and it’s right across the street from the beach. To our surprise, a major pool remodel had taken place since our last visit. From little rectangular motel pool to this:

Shallow areas, waterfall, mushroom-shaped shower in the kiddie area….this is the best pool we’ve ever swam in! The motel itself is a small, older place but it’s clean and family-friendly, with a nice atmosphere and helpful staff. The pool more than makes up for the 32″ TV!

We’ll be spending time at the beach, swimming, riding the ferry, visiting The Strand and of course souvenir-shopping at Murdoch’s. We have a lot of family history in this place, as we used to bring our grown children here when they were little and do the very same things. Sigh.

Moms, I promise your kids will grow up. When our son leaves for college for the first time next week, he will spend the next 70 years or so as an adult. We only had him under our roof for a short time.

Stay present and make sure you don’t wish the time away.

See you later—I’m going to go do just that!


  1. Sandy Blume says:

    Dear Charlotte,
    I was unable to attend the THSC Convention, but in reading their newsletter I ended up linked to yours. And I am so glad that I did. Already I have gleaned so much from reading your newsletter.
    Your trip to Galveston sounds great. Would you mind sharing the name of the motel you and your family stayed at?
    Thanks, Sandy

  2. Ugh. Just reading “he will spend the next 70 years or so as an adult. We only had him for a short time” gave me both the chills and a sick stomach. I am determined to not wish away the days…

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hi Sandy, It’s Gaido’s Seaside Inn (next to Gaido’s restaurant). The rooms are very basic and older but it’s clean and friendly. The price is on the moderate end of what is available on Galveston, especially if you have a room not facing the gulf. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Charlotte,
    We love the beach and have vacationed there several times. I hope your vacation continues to be everything that your family had hoped it would be!
    In case you weren’t aware there is a wonderful blog post that mentions your workshop at the Texas homeschooling convention that you recently spoke at! Here is the link to it:

    Blessings…and have a safe trip back to Oklahoma, Julie

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