Easy Steps to Your T-Tapp Victory

Easy Steps to Your T-Tapp Victory

by Charlotte Siems

Having grown up in a TV-and-movie culture, we’ve lost perspective on time.  We expect instant results, and if not instant, at least in two weeks.

When we start doing T-Tapp, if our inch loss isn’t what we expected at the end of two or three weeks of consistency, we’re out the door.

It’s like watching one of those underdog sports movies.  In a two-hour span of time, the hero trains hard and overcomes obstacles to achieve glorious victory.

Without realizing it, we somehow expect to put forth the effort of a short training sequence in a movie and get the same happy ending.

“Whew!  Did that long workout!  Now where’s the results?”

Doing one workout won’t change your life.  Missing one workout won’t change your life.  But six months or two years of doing workouts (or missing workouts) will show up in your life.

The results we want are not about making tough choices. They’re about making easy choices….consistently.

What are some easy choices that could make a difference over time?

  • Do a short workout four to five times per week.
  • Do a set or two of Hoe Downs every day (total time: 5 minutes each, seriously).
  • Do Organs in Place before bed for 10 days at a time. Take a week off, repeat.
  • Skin brush with the T-Tapp sequence five days per week.
  • Start your day with T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch.

Please don’t make a vow to do all of the above every day for the rest of your life.

Doing a couple of these consistently doesn’t mean that you don’t have seasons of working harder and/or doing longer workouts.  Let’s face it, losing a lot of inches takes hard work and a long time.

But for the majority of busy people who talk themselves out of exercise because they get overwhelmed by the thought of a rigorous workout schedule, these little choices could make all the difference.

Thankfully, making the right choice is easy to do. And unfortunately, just as easy not to do.

The next time you watch a rags-to-riches, underdog sports movie, enjoy the final victory scene.  Feel the emotions and apply them to your own journey.  Just remember that it’s going to take longer than two hours (or two weeks).  And it’s the little things that will get you there.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Your encouraging words are always so timely for me. I SO BELIEVE in T-Tapp but really do fail with the consistency. I miss a day or two and then I dive into discouragement and it can take me a couple weeks to get back on track. I want to break that cycle. Trying to break that ‘all or nothing’ mentality. Thank you for taking time to post, I really appreciate it. *big hug*

  2. gabrielle says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your website and wonderful posts. I really look forward to them and they really encourage me so much. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement, Charlotte!

    I also have been struggling with discouragement and consistency with T-tapp. I started with the 60 day challenge back in April. I haven’t seen the results I had hoped for, and I know that it takes a consistent effort to see results. I will do well with it for a couple of weeks, (a boot camp, for instance), then I get off track again, and that results in eating too much – to find comfort, of course. I know that you know the whole vicious psychological cycle, I have read your testimony and really appreciate it! I try to keep trying. Maybe a less intense approach would be better. I have more than four sizes to lose and wish that I could just be at goal already!

    Anyway, sorry to ramble, but thanks for your posts, they are a blessing!

  4. Marylee Meliza says:

    I found your words to be so true. I started T-Tapp the end of March, 2012 and did not see very much change in measurements but the change in health was wonderful. That change in health keeps me doing my T-Tapp. Now I have lost a dress size but that is after so many long months. Consistency is important! Thanks for reminding me.

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