The Summer of the Weddings–Size 18 to 16

The Summer of the Weddings—Size 18 to 16
by Charlotte Siems
Three family weddings were planned that summer.  This meant numerous shopping trips for a wedding dress, time spent researching florists and photographers, and shopping for just the right decorations for the ceremony and reception.  Long days were spent at the sewing machine, making a total of six flower girl dresses for various weddings, and stitching yards of filmy tulle for two bridal veils.  Outfitting a (very) large family for a special occasion is no small feat.  Besides tux fittings for those in the wedding party, gathering dress shoes, socks, belts, pants and shirts for decidedly casual teenage boys is an exercise in bargain hunting.   The girls needed fancy dresses, shoes and hair accessories (complicated by the three-year-old’s recent do-it-yourself haircut).
Then there’s the food.  A rehearsal dinner in a barn for 60 people, with brisket and homemade ice cream.  Hundreds of chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and Scotcheroos requested by the groom.  Feeding the multitudes and visiting relatives before and after the weddings, not counting changing diapers and keeping up with laundry.  Let’s just say I was busy.  And in the middle of losing sizes with T-Tapp.
As we prepare for another family wedding this summer, I feel nostalgic about the last time I bought a special dress for a wedding, four years ago.  Permit me to reminisce….
The day before my son’s wedding I realized I didn’t have anything to wear.  I bought a black skirt and a shiny aqua blouse in size 18 and felt positively thin when I walked down the aisle.  I had resolved to get past my disappointment that I hadn’t made it to a size 16, but I decided to keep going with T-Tapp.
Three weeks later I sat in the audience at my nephew’s wedding in another size 18 blouse and skirt.  Friends I hadn’t seen in a long time noticed the difference in me because I had worn a size 22W the last time they saw me. 
A month later, the day before my daughter’s wedding we gathered at the church to decorate.  Family members hadn’t seen me since the previous wedding and I had just bought my first pair of size 16 capris.  Their surprise at seeing me was exciting.
During a break in the work someone made a run to the local hamburger place for lunch.  Just that week I had begun to eat only when I was hungry and stop when I was full. I ate half of my hamburger and marveled that I was full.
I took a chance and ordered a Mother of the Bride dress online, scheduled to arrive a few days before the wedding.  It was a size 16 and….it fit.  I was so proud to light candles at the front of the church and have a waist.
Throughout the crazy days during The Summer of the Weddings, I stayed consistent with T-Tapp.  That was possible because I did mostly fifteen-minute workouts, mostly early in the morning before the day’s ball started rolling.  After three months of being “stuck” at a size 18, it was a great encouragement to drop to a size 16 by the third wedding.  Mind you, I had set a goal to be in a size 14 by that wedding.  That goal was finally reached more than two months later.  If I had quit in discouragement and frustration because I wasn’t losing sizes as quickly as I had planned, I wouldn’t have eventually reached my goal.
Soon I will begin shopping for another Mother of the Groom dress, this time on the size 6 rack.  Four years ago I would never have dreamed that single digits were in my future.  I didn’t think it was possible, given my history of twelve children and years of being a couch (make that recliner) potato.  But simple choices add up and I just kept Tapping and eating between hunger and fullness.  I wasn’t perfect.  I’m still not.  But the rehabilitation happened over time and results eventually showed on the outside. 
One last note—being a size 16 or 18 at those weddings didn’t make me any less beautiful to my husband and family.  I already felt so much better and was so grateful for my health improvements.  It is odd to look back at the photos now that I have been a smaller size for years.  I share them with you to encourage you wherever you are in your journey.  Between my son’s wedding in May and my daughter’s wedding in July, my back fat melted away.  T-Tapp helps you look good AS you lose sizes!
This summer we have only one wedding but it takes place in a city nine hours away.  Feeding and clothing the multitudes will once again require planning and strategy.  And I’ll still be doing those fifteen-minute T-Tapp workouts.     
Charlotte Siems spent over 25 years avoiding the mirror while managing a busy household and homeschooling her 12 children.  Gaining more weight as the years passed, she ended up exhausted, stressed and 110+ pounds overweight.  After finding the T-Tapp workout system, she went from a tired size 22W to an energetic size 6, which she has maintained for years.  With a heart to help women struggling to regain their figures and their energy, she became a certified fitness trainer.  She was personally certified by Teresa Tapp as a T-Tapp Trainer.




  1. I have recently started doing the Hit The Floor Softer workout, as I really need to lose some weight in my tummy. After having four babies in seven years, my tummy is loose and flabby, while the rest of me is still small. Not attractive at all! I’ve been excited with the results!

  2. Thanks Charlotte. This was just the encouragement I needed to t-tapp today in the mist of our crazy schedule. I only have two teen boys, but some days there just doesn’t seem to be time for me. It’s time to make it so I can be down a size or two for a beach trip in 4 weeks. Thank you for continuing to share. 🙂

  3. Rmjsodini says:

    This was very helpful- today in particular. I started T-Tapping in November 2010, I got through my 14 day boot camp- miracle #1. It is April and I am still t-tapping- miracle #2. Consistancy at this point depends on how you look at it. I have been consistant in that I have t-tapp’d almost every week even if it was only once. I have been inconsistant in that I haven’t managed every week or more than once on many weeks. I see a lot of progress in some ways and almost none in others. I have lost 49.75 inches (a little yo-yo effect in the last couple of mo w/ travel, etc.) I haven’t lost any weight or sizes. There are two major reasons why I haven’t lost weight or sizes. 1) Even though my pepsi drinking is “under control” now it is still too much. 2) God surprised us with another baby (due in Sept meaning that I got pregnant in Jan).

    So thank you for reminding me that it is ok if it doesn’t all come off at once. It is more important to work at it day by day and keep working on consistancy. Charlotte, you are an inspiration to me! I am 300+ for the second time in my life, this baby makes my 4th bio and 6th total. So I can’t thank you enough. I really appreciate your daily e-mails of encouragement.


  4. Anonymous says:

    So glad to encourage you all! Your comments keep me going so it’s a lovely circle of encouragement all around!

  5. One big bravo for you Charlotte; that is an awesome testimony. Thanks for showing the pictures!!

  6. Cecilia Krueger says:

    Love you Charlotte! I sent a link for this and your Home Page to my sister in law and a friend – hoping to inspire them too!

  7. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this and your photos. It is very encouraging to see some from your journey, makes me tear up! As always you give me hope. <3

  8. Just love reading the story or hearing it more than once. Always loved. It is a breath of fresh air. I am so excited for you. A success that didn’t “just’ happen overnight, not imperfect perhaps but in motion to move ahead. Thanks Charlotte.

  9. I just started T-Tapping again and and it’s all because of you. Thanks for your inspiration and expertise. Very encouraging and on the level. I will lose. Slowly maybe but lose none-the-less. You’ve taught me that. Thanks, Charlotte.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Patrice, you go, girl! Slowly is better than not at all!

  11. Charlotte, what a great post. I have a question. When you were doing the 15 min workouts in the morning, was that a daily habit or did you do a different routine? I’m hoping to find a daily consistent routine. Skipping days right now will only make it harder for me to stay consistent I think. MORE only lasts about 20 min and I’d like to do that daily until I’m under 300. Would that be overtraining?

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