IMG_3815T-Tapp is the workout I used to lose nine sizes at age 47–going from a size 22W to size 6.

If an exhausted, discouraged homeschooling mom of twelve could do it, YOU can do it!

I’m not a gym rat or exercise enthusiast–but I LOVE T-Tapp! I got started because I read that the T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus was a 15-minute workout. I thought to myself “ANYONE can do 15 minutes.”

I lost 7″ in the first week and I was hooked. After two weeks my kids told me “Wow, Mom, you’re not tired all the time anymore!”

So what IS T-Tapp? 

How to Get Started With T-Tapp

T-Tapp How-To’s

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5 Tips to Fit in Fitness...When You Don't Have Time!


You know you need to exercise,
but don't see how you'll find the time?
These doable tips will help you get consistent with exercise...
and STAY consistent!

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