T-Tapp Cause and Effect

i like itHave you ever caught yourself wanting results from T-Tapp while not being willing to do the work?

If you’ve been around a baby in a high chair, you’ve probably seen her discover cause and effect by dropping food off of the tray. Or maybe you’ve played the game of I’ll-drop-the-toy-and-you-pick-it-up with a little one. They are fascinated with the splash and crash effect from the cause of dropping food or a toy.

When you think about it, weight loss advertisements and magazines are full of effects, skipping the cause. Sure, they’re trying to sell their product which is the cause, but they make it seem like we can immediately go from cause to effect. We forget what goes on in between the before and after photos.

In other words, we want the effect without the cause.

I guess it’s human nature. We want to go from zero to sixty in ten seconds. We’re used to microwave snacks, fast food and streaming movies.

Although it is possible to lose inches quickly with T-Tapp (yes, even over a weekend or a few workouts), there is not usually dramatic overnight inch loss.

But there is over-year inch loss. Or over-three months inch loss.

The cause of that kind of inch loss is steady, consistent T-Tapp workouts, progressing in form as you go. Day by day, week by week, doable, consistent exercise.

We may look at the effect and wish we could have it today, but if we’re not willing to do the cause, we’re not likely to end up with the effect.

Too often T-Tappers give up when they’re not seeing the final effect in the first three weeks.

It helps to keep your eyes on the prize of the final effect, but meanwhile you have to keep working the cause.

Just like the cause of dropping a spoon from a high chair tray has the effect of a spoon on the floor, the cause of steady, mindful T-Tapp will have the effect of dropping inches. And THAT will take you from a before to after that you love.



  1. Jane Ballenger says:

    Thanks Charlotte,
    I was feeling a little overwhelmed at trying my hand at a new t-tapp workout but this reminds me of how stinky my form was with the basic workout nearly three years and many inches ago. I WILL remain faithful to the process and learn from it.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      It’s like we get overwhelmed looking at the whole mountain rather than just the next step! Good for me to remember today, too…

  2. Lourdes Capo says:

    Good morning, good Monday! Thank you for putting in perspective the cause and effect reality. I has helped me in seeing that I have to start, AND continue in my effort to inch loss.

    I am very glad that you and your loved ones are OK. It was quite impressive to think that while all this was going on, you guys traveled through and saw it first hand. I can imagine how it hits one’s heart.


    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      We all need a perspective shift from time to time! Yes, we are very grateful that our part of Oklahoma escaped harm, but our hearts are sad for those who lost loved ones and their homes.

  3. Lori Herr says:

    Good morning! I really enjoyed your message today. I constantly remind myself that the time will pass regardless of what I’m doing, so I might as well T-Tapp and be healthier this time next year because the year will pass and I can either be the slug I once was or I can be a reformed me. 🙂 In the past 2 months I have noticed some inch loss (and it has been noticed by close friends), nothing dramatic, but I notice a huge difference in how I feel. So, at age 54, sometimes the way you feel is more important than the way you look (although, don’t get me wrong- I want to look nice, too!) Thanks for your motivational messages, Charlotte. I, too, live in tornado alley, so I understand the added stress of springtime.
    Have a great week!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Thanks, Lori! So true that the time will pass either way. And feeling good is a BIG perk in mid-life!

  4. Now that I’m in my early 40s, I appreciate the fact that T-Tapp eliminated ALL my shoulder pain. To me, this is more precious than weight or inch loss. That being said, I’ve also examined my diet and my exercise routine and in order to see results I must cut back on certain foods and increase the workout intensity. No easy pill and no magical powders! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I’m still struggling with instructional video #2! My form is horrible, I bobble (okay, I topple over!) and I cannot make it through the entire workout yet. But you’re absolutely right – don’t give up! I love how I feel cinched and I love that I feel no pain in my shoulders! I avoid the scale and measure my progress in how my clothes fit – I’m liking it! Yesterday I watched the “Form Tips” section and was thrilled to see how I can improve simply by repositioning my hands using a towel. T-Tapp will be a lifetime regimen for me!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Sooo glad to hear this, Carrie! I love how you accept that it’s a challenge because it is. It is wonderful that you are seeing results!

  6. Knowing what you know now about T-Tapp would you still recommend starting out with the Total System or would you get Senior Fit or More?

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Mindy, if I was advising “me” back when I started, I would recommend starting with MORE. It’s four reps and slower, and I could have handled it better. As it was, I sort of did Basic Workout four reps and slower, lol. MORE has such great instructions, it will help anyone get more out of their workouts. Eventually you can move on to the Total Workout, but for anyone with “more” weight to lose, more birthday candles or more health issues, MORE is the place to start.

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