T-Tapp MORE Level 2 Time Chart

t-tapp-more-2-time-chartHere’s a handy dandy time chart for the T-Tapp MORE Level 2 workout DVD!

The MORE 2 regular workout is a powerful sequence including Lunges and Balance to get some Total Workout goodness in a shorter package. If Tempo workouts are still too fast for you, this is a GREAT alternative!

And if you saw that the MORE 2 version with Teresa and Berei was an hour long and fear struck your heart, here is a solution! Use the time chart to pick and choose moves to put together a shorter workout and STILL get amazing, hard-to-explain Senior Fit benefits.

Rules of the game if you’re getting creative: 

  • Always warm up the spine with Primary Back Stretch before twisting moves.
  • You can skip moves, but don’t rearrange them. There are mind-blowing reasons for the sequence and you don’t want to miss out on the secrets.
  • If you’re still reading, you get a free tip for when you’re choosing moves: Oil Wells are one of the best balance builders. Tip: keep weight in heels and KNEES OUT.

Dust off that copy of MORE 2 and give it a whirl. This one just might be the ticket to bump your inch loss!

Download your T-Tapp MORE 2 Time Chart


  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Could I use this same idea for SF as long as I do PBS before jazz twist and TTT? I love your post about keeping it real and have found that I am much more consistent with my workouts and push myself harder if I break both TWO and LB into three parts. I just got SF this week and although I’m loving it, I’m exhausted when I’m done, and I have only been doing PBS and two moves. I realized yesterday that PBS alone is about 15 mins so it might be nice if I could break up SF even more.

    Thanks! Shawn

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Oh, absolutely, Shawn! I do this all the time. It’s good to do the whole enchilada as much as you can, but for everyday life this is what keeps me going on Senior Fit! And I think the “Senior” stands for “advanced” and “awesome”!

  2. Hello Charlotte,
    These T-Tapp workouts are all still a little confusing, but you make it sound so easy!
    I have the ’15min Basic Workout Plus/Inst.wrkout #1 dvd, and the Tempo Series T-Tapp Basic +.
    Do I need to do both dvd schedules or what would you suggest?
    Thank you!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Rosetta, when you begin with T-Tapp, do the Instructional several times (once a day) to learn the form. Then when you’re ready to move to the regular workout, you can choose either Basic Workout Plus OR Basic Tempo, once a day. I would suggest Basic Tempo because the first four reps are done slower to get the form, then up to speed for the last 4 reps. For me, 4x week was enough to lose inches, 3x week to maintain, 5-6x week to speed it up some (but I couldn’t do that much for very long at a time). Hope this helps!

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