Do you ever wish you could push a Reset button on your body?

Wouldn’t it be great to start over, turn back time, dump the junk and “Reset” for a healthier, slimmer you?

That’s just what T-Tapp did for Master Trainer Charlotte Siems as she lost 100 pounds and nine sizes when she was in her 40’s. T-Tapp works—if you work it—and an online T-Tapp class can help you begin your transformation and learn how to stick with it.


If YOU are ready to start fresh and make a change in the New Year, join others on the same journey in the all-new “T-Tapp Reset Online Class” with T-Tapp Master Trainer Charlotte Siems.

This class is designed especially for busy people who have a hard time keeping up with a long, involved workout routine.

Starting a new exercise resolution with a bang and then fizzling out can be frustrating and discouraging. You need new ways of thinking and tools to “trick” yourself into staying with your program. Good news—the T-Tapp Reset class will be chock-full of coaching and real-life strategies to help you make a permanent change.

How Does It Work?

The T-Tapp Reset Online Class will include:

  • Private online Facebook group for participants to receive and offer mutual support and accountability
  • Weekly group challenges of add-on workout moves
  • Workout schedules to choose from, depending on the workouts you own and where you are in your T-Tapp journey
  • Handy, non-overwhelming forms and checklists
  • Weekly group calls with Charlotte (you can use your computer or your phone to listen in)
  • Exclusive worksheets and short homework assignments to help you “get” the fine details of T-Tapp that truly make a difference in results
  • T-Tapp Reset “attitude adjustment” videos and other surprises!

Note: This class will be a great T-Tapp jumpstart if you participate in the 2014 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge. However, being in the Challenge is NOT a requirement for this online class.

Can you get started with T-Tapp or continue your journey without an online class? Of course! T-Tapp provides an awesome free forum to help you stay encouraged and learn more. But a small group experience with the opportunity for more personal interaction with someone who’s “been there” can make a big difference in motivation and consistency for many people.


Class Details

What: T-Tapp Reset 4-week Online Class with T-Tapp Master Trainer Charlotte Siems

Where: Anywhere in the world, on your schedule

When: February 10 – March 10, 2014

Cost: $97

**Optional add-on private 45-minute Skype session with Charlotte for schedule customizations, mindset or T-Tapp form (or a combination): $50

Please provide a valid email address so you can receive all of the class details.

Class Materials

This class will focus on doable workout routines of less than 30 minutes. You are welcome to use the workout DVDs of your choice and you can adapt the schedules, but if you want to take advantage of the provided workout schedules and homework assignments, the following materials will be used:

Book: • Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tappfitandfab

T-Tapp DVDs:

(If you have entered the 60-Day Challenge in a certain workout category, please check the rules for what is allowed for that category. If you entered an age category, you can do whichever T-Tapp workouts you choose.)

Healthy Hormones Menopause Management    OR    MORE 2    OR    Basic Workout Plus

• Organs in Place DVD from the book

• OPTIONAL for group challenges: Debulk Sequences DVD, skin brush/instructions and T-Tapp alfalfa

• OPTIONAL: For variety, schedules including Broom 2 OR Step Away the Inches will also be provided

Charlotte has extensive training in the newest principles of T-Tapp muscle activation and she is a certified Senior Fit trainer. That means you’ll receive the benefit of learning how to tweak your current workouts for even better results. Yes You Can trim your saddlebags, flatten your tummy and melt your muffin top—and little form secrets can help you do it faster!

Get ready to RESET with T-Tapp in an encouraging, inspiring group experience!

Enrollment is closed – class is currently in session!