T-Tapp Wellness Weekend (and MORE 3 Filming!)

t-tapp_wellness_weekend_daveHave you ever felt like you needed to pinch yourself because you thought you might be dreaming? Last weekend felt a little like that for me at the T-Tapp Wellness Weekend, followed by the filming of a new set of workouts. When I started T-Tapp nearly seven years ago, I couldn’t have imagined ending up in a T-Tapp workout DVD!

The Wellness Weekend in Safety Harbor, Florida, began on Friday night with everyone introducing themselves and telling their T-Tapp story. Since it was a smaller event, each person went into more detail about how they found this workout program and what it had done for them. This is one of the best parts of any T-Tapp event: hearing the stories of people whose lives, health and bodies have been transformed!

Saturday was spent working out. Literally. Lest you think I’m an exercise fanatic, remember that I’m the girl who likes short workouts. But you get a roomful of T-Tappers together with Teresa Tapp on stage and the atmosphere changes. Time flies when you’re having fun, after all, and working out in a group helps you do more and go farther than you would on your own.

On Sunday afternoon the MORE 3 team had a photo shoot marathon. It was a harder workout than T-Tapp! Think twisting, turning, standing, holding, smiling, adjusting and holding.



It was challenging at times, but the shared experience bonded the team. If you’ve ever worked with Dave (the T-Tapp photographer), you know just how much fun photos can be!

On Monday I was privileged to film a couple of versions of MORE 3, plus a Chair workout and walking workout. Whew! Our team finally headed to a restaurant for dinner with Teresa at 10:30pm. I texted my husband and said “I am sitting in Teresa Tapp’s back seat, heading to dinner!” The meals together and “hurry up and wait” times were really special.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in filming. It was a wonderful experience with awesome people! And I can’t wait for the new MORE 3 set to come out in a few months. I already know it will be one of my absolute favorites!


  1. You look fantastic Charlotte and you are an inspiration! I have been working out since 11-8-13 except for 2 days in that time period. I have not changed my diet so that may be why I haven’t lost any inches?? I do feel better but would like to lose inches. I do the basic + on one day, then lunges thru runners stretch the next day (with back stretch & hoe downs) & then the arms to the end of the tape on the 3rd day; then I repeat. Do you have any other suggestions. thanks, Janice

  2. What an awesome privilege for you! So exciting, I’m sure. You family has a film star in their midst. 🙂 Congratulations and best wishes for even MORE. You’re such an inspiration to many. Blessings!!

  3. Wow! I have been T-Tapping for about a month now (thanks to your suggesting it), and I can’t wait to see this DVD. Please let us know when it is ready. :0 The T-Tapp method has helped me a lot – I’m in my twenties and my desk job has recently helped me put on a solid 6 to 7 stubborn pounds, but the T-Tapping is helping me get back into the shape I was in when I did ballet for years. I used to walk 90 minutes a day and not see any results 🙁 but I am definitely noticing a difference with T-Tapp. I found your website through another homeschooling mom on Pinterest and she had pinned to your success story. So I thought, “Goodness! If a middle-aged mom on lots of kids can lose weight, than a twenty something who has never had kids can certainly do it!”

    I never would have found out about T-Tapp if it hadn’t been for your website, so thank you very much for what you do!

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