“A Tale of T-Tapp Thankfulness”

“A Tale of T-Tapp Thankfulness”

by Charlotte Siems

Many years ago my children made a home movie of themselves called “A Tale of Thankfulness.”  It was a hilarious video about two ungrateful children who heard the story of two poor children who were robbed and treated roughly by Black Eye, a robber bad guy.  Of course they were saved in the end, and Black Eye went on to appear in sequels, along with his gang “The Blackeyed Peas.”  Black Eye is now a freshman in college who has mended his ways.  Sort of.  But the lessons of thankfulness continue, as I’ve learned over the years to cultivate a grateful spirit.

On the road to our inch loss goals, we can get discouraged and a little annoyed.  “Hurry up already and get to a size 10.”  “I’m stuck.”  “I’ve lost 12″ but I haven’t lost a size yet.”  These frustrated thoughts are understandable, especially when we’re tired or impatient.  It doesn’t seem fair that we worked so hard and didn’t get the results we hoped for.

Next time you feel the despair creeping in, stop those thoughts in their tracks.  You don’t have control over the thoughts that pop into your head, but you don’t have to water and fertilize them.  Take the initial negative thought and turn it into gratefulness.  “Hurry up already and get to a size 10” turns into “This is taking a little longer than I expected, but I’m up for the challenge!”  “I’m stuck” becomes “My body is rehabilitating from the inside out.  I can’t wait to see what happens!”  Disappointment with the out-of-reach size is changed to “The size 14’s are next!  I’ll be there soon.”  You’re not telling yourself a lie.  Your brain would recognize the disconnect and feel confused.  Instead you are choosing to focus on the dream instead of the despair.  Then your brain (and body) is free to find ways to make it happen.

Thanksgiving week (in the U.S.) is a great time to focus on being thankful.  Thank your body for serving you well.  You are breathing and moving today.  Thank your body for healing.  It just might thank you back with a surprise.

I’d love to hear your tales of T-Tapp thankfulness.  Post a comment and tell us what you are grateful for!

Charlotte Siems spent over 25 years avoiding the mirror while managing a busy household and homeschooling her 12 children.  Gaining more weight as the years passed, she ended up exhausted, stressed and 110+ pounds overweight.  After finding the T-Tapp workout system, she went from a tired size 22W to an energetic size 6, which she has maintained for years.  With a heart to help women struggling to regain their figures and their energy, she became a certified fitness trainer.  She was personally certified by Teresa Tapp as a T-Tapp Trainer.     


  1. momto8jewels says:

    I am thankful for Charlotte and her willingness to be so transparent and help people like me along. Charlotte you are truly an inspiration and encouragement as you read my thoughts with you posts!

    I am also thankful for the friends I have made through T-Tapp! I would have never thought I could have such loving support and encouragement through the internet as I have found in Johanne and Patricia! T-Tapp brought us together and I am thankful!

    I am thankful for Teresa Tapp and her ability to put this fantastic lifelong journey to better health program together for all body types!

    Wife to Mr. Wonderful and HS Mom to 8 Jewels!

    1. OOOO SWEET SHAWNA… I AM SO in the same direction then you as for CHARLOTTE. I was coming here to write the samething about her kindness, open heart and mind and her wisdom in this wonderful adventure of finding ourselves back.

      AND I am also sooooo grateful to Charlotte, to have put together her first on-line class in August so I had the chance to meet you and the other Quebec’s T-Tapp user, Patricia (FAB50).

      Life is amazing when we take time to look at it.

      SOOO Grateful to Teresa Tapp to have put together all the T-Tapp program and still coming with new things to help all of us to be the best we can be — no matter the size but more the HEALTH benefits we can reach to live a better life.

      SOO Grateful to you Charlotte to have the chance to call you a deep and loving friend of mine. To be around such a wonderful woman who shows me everyday, what believing in the power of GOD, the power of the healing inside-out, can do.

      SOO Grateful for so many things, but most of all is for ME as I am taking better care of me, inside out and sharing what’s in my life — hard or easy — with my friends. Getting OUT of my lonelyness / independance / hurtful life and being more open to LOVE, SUN, LIFE… HAPPY MOMENTS.

      Thanks to all of you
      Thanks to GOD who showed me so many times why I’m here on this planet.


  2. T-Tapp has literally rescued me from hours of fruitless cardio sessions at the gym, and from beating myself up when I didn’t feel up to working out like that anymore. For that, I am super thankful for T-Tapp!!

  3. Graberbiz says:

    Very excited to meet you in a short time in Dallas!! I’ve been trying to lose the same 15-20 pounds for a few years now…so anxious to hear more about your program!

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