Ten Things On My Mind


1.  Life management. Re-thinking how I spend my time and how I get things done. Pondering why I’ve been feeling distracted and scattered. Finding solutions to number my days so that I may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90).

2.  Upcoming wedding. Although the groom’s mother has it easy compared to the bride’s mother, there’s still a fair amount of to-do’s. I’ve ordered and returned four dresses at this point, mostly because they were all too short. #5 is on its way as we speak.

3.  Next year’s homeschool. Summer is the time for evaluation and preparation.

4.  Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Recently struck little grandchildren, now moving through our household. Boo.

5.  Piles of Stuff. Too many stacks here and there, especially in my bedroom and on my desk. That sort of thing nibbles at the back of my mind.

6.  Plexus. Always.

7.  Creating a content calendar for blogging. See #1 above. Having recently been invited to join the team at Hip Homeschool Moms and writing for the state homeschool magazine, I’m thinking that a plan would be good.

8.  Making sure that we follow through on the items discussed in our family meeting.

9. Sprucing up the house. Time to replace bath towels and kitchen towels, some lamps and accessories.

10. As every woman knows, this list is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. But for now, these are the things frequently bubbling to the surface in my mind. Relationships, spiritual ponderings and forthcoming kittens not included.

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