A Thank You Note to T-Tapp

A Thank You Note to T-Tapp 
by Charlotte Siems
Thank you notes are proper etiquette to express appreciation to someone for a gift or kindness given.  Since my 5+ years of experience with T-Tapp has been so great, I’d like to write a thank you note:
Thank You, Teresa Tapp and T-Tapp!
Thank you for a free forum for support and motivation for so many.  I know that it costs a lot of money to maintain and we appreciate it.
Thank you for being so generous.  I’ll never forget the two trips as a winner of 60-Day Challenges.
Thank you for being such a friendly and helpful and encouraging company.
Thank you that T-Tapp focuses on inch loss.  That’s different than just losing weight.  We’re talking reshaping the body.
Thank you that I feel younger at 52 than I did at 42.  The 40’s were a very tired decade for me.
Thank you for your commitment to health, wellness and beauty for all shapes, sizes and ages.
Thank you, thank you for changing my life!
I bet many of you could write a thank you note to Teresa Tapp and the T-Tapp staff, too.  Please leave a comment and do so!


  1. Thank you for giving me HOPE! I’ve tried so many other plans, only to not be able to continue, due to physical limitations. With T-Tapp, you understand my limitations, the trainers understand, and instead of just telling me that T-Tapp isn’t for me, they tell me, “Yes, you can!”

    Thank you that every time I’m doing T-Tapp and I hear in my head, “Wow, this is hard, I can’t do this,” you say on the DVD, “Yes, you can!” How do you do that????

    Thank you for changing so many people’s lives already. That gives me hope that I can change too, with your help.

    Thank you for the awesome forums.

  2. This month, two years ago, I was browsing through a Woman’s Day Magazine when I saw this woman standing inside the leg of her old jeans with her daughter! As I read the page, a phrase caught my attention: “the videos”. I have been a video exerciser for some years now (yes, thank you Leslie Sansone who many times saved me from total atrophy!).
    Thank you Teresa for “listening” to the messages that brought along T Tapp. This technology has helped me be aware of many muscles that I had no idea were there to be used (just being smarty pants)….I love your world and all us the inhabitants who come together to share and return the love that we receive through praise, warm wishes of well being, and so many new friendships.
    But a very special thank you to you, Charlotte, for you were a star much before we even met you. Twelve beautiful and robusts trees with branches out to the world prove your skills and mastery. I feel blessed that you write this beautiful newsletter. I have laughed, cried, learned, and have felt my conscience being pulled too once in a while. I admire you and thank you for sharing your thoughts, your family, your secrets, and your faith that shines through all of it.
    May the Lord continue to bless you, your family and our great family of T Tapp.

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