The Mind of a Woman (T-Tapper)

Before T-Tapp I actually prided myself on not obsessing over the scale or diets, and most of the time I had no idea what I weighed. Of course I was very busy, but part of it was denial. So it was a bit of a shocker to begin my T-Tapp journey with weighing and measuring. 52" abs?! Oh. My. Word. Then there was the mirror and the workout clothes. I bought actual workout tops and shorts to motivate me and see my form, but the view was pretty discouraging. My husband finally told me to stop brushing in front of the mirror because I would get so depressed about my appearance. I went from hiding my body from myself (you know, get undressed in the closet) to scrutinizing every lump and bulge. I hadn't paid much attention to sizes before, but then I began to covet the next size down. The trick as a More to Lose person was to appreciate how far I had come and celebrate the changes I was feeling and seeing. There was a temptation to feel like I wouldn't look good until I reached goal. When I wore a size 22W I thought a 14 was model-thin and I would have been very happy to squeeze into 14s. When I wore a size 14 I thought only a 10 would make me happy. See the trap? As women we are so hard on ourselves. A man can look in the mirror, flex his muscles, and think "hey, baby, I'm lookin' good!" A woman looks in the mirror and thinks "this cellulite is horrible and my inner thighs are flabby and…." The MIND and THOUGHTS are the place to start. How do you feel if someone says something critical or unkind to you? Your spirits fall, your heart pounds or maybe you get angry or want to give up. Guess what? Studies show that your body reacts the same way if YOU say critical or unkind things to your self. Same goes for saying positive and encouraging things to your self. Your heart soars, you feel like smiling and you want to rise to the occasion. Sure, those discouraging thoughts pop up, but you just don't go there. Don't water and fertilize them. CHOOSE to be kind to yourself and be hopeful. I've got more to say about this, so stay tuned. Time to get back to the Extreme Laundry Challenge of getting out the summer clothes and putting away the winter stuff!

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