The Orange Crushed Velvet Chair

We recently furnished an empty house. It was different than packing up belongings and transferring them to a new space. 

Although there were plenty of items brought over from our house in the city, we didn’t have extra chairs or lamps lying around. Bigger pieces were found on a social media marketplace, but there was a lot left to fill in.

So we were grateful when my husband was able to purchase a chair, some lamps and appliances from the estate sale of a sweet elderly couple he knew. 

And boy, what a chair. Vintage Lazy Boy, orange crushed velvet. Orange was not in my original decorating plan, but found its way there in a hurry. 

The seat is so low I can’t even sit in it, unlike my (shorter) husband. But that’s okay because I’m happy just to look at it.

This chair positively glows in the sunlight and there’s something special about it. 

It’s not for everyone. Orange and crushed velvet, wooden arms and a pleated skirt….it’s old-fashioned and outside the box.

It reminds me that it’s perfectly fine that you and I are not for everyone. We might not be the latest style or the newest edition. We don’t belong in everyone’s decorating scheme but we absolutely belong in SOME people’s. 

This little chair probably thought it would be stuck in an empty room the rest of its life. But it was moved from darkness to a sunny room where people will appreciate its beauty and comfort once again.

Sometimes we think the season we’re in will last forever. The endless diapers, never-ending math homework, messy teen bedroom….even the hard season of an adult child’s life. But seasons change and the sun comes out.

Like the orange velvet chair, darkness gives way to light and good days come again. Things can change for the good in unexpected ways. The story isn’t over yet.

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