This Lovely Place #3: Your Appearance at Home

pinkshoes-256x300It’s easy to get into a habit of looking dowdy or sloppy at home. After all, who’s going to see us? In today’s episode, I make the case for taking a little extra care with your appearance at home. Don’t worry, this isn’t a guilt-inducing, perfectionist rant. It’s just a friendly neighborhood reminder that your appearance at home matters. You’ll be encouraged and inspired to take some time for YOU!

Speaking of appearance, exercise can help you look and feel better. Here’s the workout I did at home to lose 9 sizes at age 47:  What is T-Tapp?

Episode length:  9:03


  1. I wanted to thank you for all your encouragement to my sister and myself!! My sister is far away and it has been great to have you keeping us both on our toes!! I must say I was a little depressed this morning when I saw that you are “simplifying things!!” But you couldn’t of hit me in the face any harder!! That has been our home saying the last few months but saying and doing are two different things!! Thank you for showing me it can be done!!! Thank you for your teaching!!

  2. AblessedOne says:

    WOW. You are so right. I have so much to learn, and such a long way to go. Thank you for teaching us. Love.

  3. thank you for the tips I am going to start a Hoe Down Challenge today.
    I have 10 children and have 50 lbs to lose.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Helen, that’s great! The little things add up!

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