Thought Check-Up

In keeping with the power of our thoughts, let's do a quick check-up. We can play a little word association game, or rather phrase association game. Pretend I'm the psychologist in a leather chair, clipboard in hand, reading glasses on my nose. You're reclining on the leather couch, with hands comfortably folded, feeling relaxed. Me: time to workout You: I don't have time Me: time to T-Tapp You: I'm too tired Me: it's only 15 minutes You: I don't wanna change clothes Me: lace up your shoes You: I'll do it later You get the picture. The thought of what we should do is answered by the thought of what we *feel* like doing. Those darn feelings! Life is full of feelings. Going with the feelings leads to feelings we don't like, i.e., six weeks of not working out leads to creaky mornings and fat jeans. So we get feelings either way. Choose carefully which feelings you listen to and follow, for the Pied Piper of Feelings likes to lead you where it wants to go, not where YOU really want to end up.

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