Three Words That Change Everything

We had arrived home at 1:00am after a long day of traveling. We had a wonderful time on a cruise to Honduras, Belize and Mexico. After so many years of staying home raising a family, to travel like that was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my teen daughters Gracie and Lanie, and my son Thomas and his wife Tori. We went on a ziplining and cave tubing adventure in Belize, and it stretched me out of my comfort zone, for sure!


Another flight would leave early a few days later for a business event in Florida. I was NOT ready to leave home again so soon. In between preparations for a new homeschool year, getting our 19yo off to college, and running a thriving Plexus business, life was very busy.

I caught myself feeling the old familiar fear. Increased heart rate, feelings of overwhelm, dread and desperation. Even though I appeared outwardly calm, inside my head the thoughts were swirling and bubbling. Then two things happened:

1) A change of scenery. My husband needed to set up for an event at the church, so all four girls and I went with him to get it done quickly. Since our time was so limited that week I wanted to stay together. Getting out of the house gave me a fresh view, and a thought hit me while driving.

2) A change in perspective. It’s so simple it sounds silly. I realized that I was being a worrier instead of a prayer warrior. And I heard the sweet voice of Jesus whisper to me “All is well.”

All is well.

Something about that phrase melted my anxiety. It’s “I’ve got this, don’t worry, I’ve got your back, it will all work out, it’s all good, and your life is for you” all rolled into three gracious words. I can look to Him for every need, every detail and every homesick moment. His gracious hand is always upon me.

Three words that change everything. All is well.

The words and the meaning are always there, waiting for me to return. I drift away from them when I focus on my problems and circumstances. Fear is a type of faith, but it’s faith in the wrong kingdom.

Whatever you’re fretting about today, listen for those words and believe them. All is well.


  1. Thanks, I needed that 🙂

  2. Wonderful!! Our Savior is always with us to help us!!!

    God Bless!!!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Truth! Always there!!

  3. How I needed this encouragement today. I am so fearful and angry, I am going through a divorce after 23 years. I have 9 children to care for on my own. For days I haven’t been able to get my fear of the future under control. All is well!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Prayers for you and your children, Kecia. God is near, and He knows every need. All is well, lean on Him!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Always down to earth and refreshing to read your words of encouragement from what God shares with you. Thank you!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      You’re very welcome!

  5. Debra Huie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I so desperately needed to hear that this morning.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      So happy to be God’s instrument of peace for you today!

  6. My husband got laid off of his job last Thursday and it was a surprise! We did not expect it. We took out of savings to go ahead a pay everything that we had so far and don’t have much left. I am not complaining for I know God is in control. I know God has a plan and a purpose for my husband and our family.
    We have signed up for unemployment and he is still looking. We have a sophomore this year and our son and daughter – in – law are now expecting in March. We are so excited for this great news and know that this is the will of God for our son and his family.
    I worked until last July a year ago and am now taking take of our “surrogate Granny” who is 94 years young a few days a week.
    However, when you get news like this it is not always easy.
    We also have been believing for him to work closer to home so he won’t have to travel so much.
    “Change of scenery?” Yes, it is much needed – my daughter and I will be going with my sister today to her doctor appointment to get blood work and see the doctor. She is having some minor issues and have not been able to shake it. After that we will go eat dinner and do some shopping.
    Thank you, Charlotte for instilling in me personally.
    Many blessings to you and yours!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Wow. LOTS going on in your life, yet God is not surprised by our circumstances. All is well!

  7. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today. I am trying to have faith that all is well today. Thanks

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I love it when God gives us encouragement “just in time.” 🙂

  8. A passage to go with your story: II Kings 4:8-37. See verses 23 and 26. She took the same perspective in what could have been a moment of fear. And God took care of her need. Bless you, Charlotte.

  9. Thank you for the reminder. This year has been so turbulent and it is easy for the fear and hurt to become all I see. Some days dealing with the anxiety are better than others. It is good be reminded that God sees it all, those we love – He loves even more, and He hears every prayer I pray.

  10. Wow. Those were not the words I was expecting… but they were perfect. 🙂
    Love the feeling of peace it brings, knowing that we can rest in His loving care!

    Btw— we went to Belize a few years ago, and probably took the same cave tubing trip. Loved it! 🙂

  11. Thanks, I needed that!!!

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