It’s About Time!

Getting Everything Done Just Got Easier

with “Time and Life Management for Busy Women”

Dear Busy Woman, Wife, Mom, Teacher and Homemaker,

We have so many demands on our time.  Everybody needs something and everything needs to be taken care of. Sometimes it feels like….it’s all too much.
We do the best we can.  As the to-do’s pile up and time slips away, it can feel like brain fog is setting in. Overwhelm is just around the corner.
We hear that we’re supposed to manage our time, but sometimes we feel like our time is managing us!

The available information on time management can get frustrating.  Most of this stuff was designed for business people. Or worse yet, designed by and for men who go off to the office each day and just have to manage themselves and their workload.
That’s not realistic for most of us as busy women.  We’re juggling the house, kids, grocery shopping, laundry, school and more.  Throw in a holiday….or a trip….and you add a ton of to-do’s to the list.  Calgon, take me away!
On my own journey I’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars researching, taking courses, studying, living with what I learned and then FINALLY figuring out what really works to get everything done while staying sane and happy.
(Because who wants to have a perfect house and a nervous breakdown?  Sanity and happiness are important!)
Now you can benefit and get the shortcuts I discovered.  I’ll share my struggles….and results.
 Back when I had four children in less than four years, it was a crash course in parenting.
Then when I went on to have eight more children, homeschooling all of them for more than 28 years (so far), it was:
Then “how in the world can I do this?”
And finally “Okay, this will work!”
The good news is that your time management doesn’t have to be perfect.  But we all know that your stuff does have to get done.
This is where I come in.  Let me teach you how to practically and efficiently manage your life and time so that you happily accomplish all you have to do.
The best part is that this is Busy Mom-tested and proven.  No middle-aged guy in a suit telling you how you should run your life and manage your time.
These are the real things I’ve learned and am learning.  And I’ll even teach you how to custom-engineer them for your life, personality, family size and season of life.
What you can expect by the end of this class:
  • Why balance is a myth (and what DOES work)
  • How to adapt time management for your personality and real life
  • Secret weapons for busting the stress about all you have to do
  • Nitty-gritty how to’s:  planners, to-do lists and schedules
  • Keeping it simple and doable instead of complicated and overwhelming
  • Favorite tools and apps—I’ve spent the money trying them out so you can go straight to what works and skip the expense and disappointment
You get:
  • 2-hour Audio mp3 recording:  1½ hours packed with content, 30 minute Question-and-Answer session
  • Worksheets to keep you on track
  • Complete Transcript so you can print, read and highlight
  • TWO bonus videos with nitty-gritty details
Give yourself permission to get some help so you can climb out of discouragement about all you have to do. 
Investing in yourself pays off big-time for your family.  A less-stressed mom who keeps it all running smoothly is worth a million bucks!
IMAGINE…. you wake up every morning knowing that you can calmly handle what’s coming that day.  Gone are the sticking points—gone are the struggles!

This Could Change Your Life… FOREVER!

bigstock-Mp-Player-With-Clipping-Path-796973“It’s About Time” Class with Charlotte Siems

Entire 2-hour MP3 recording, worksheets, PLUS a complete Transcript of the event so you can print, re-read, highlight and do!  AND if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get two BONUS videos!  
57.00     24.00


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Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

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Here is my personal, unconditional guarantee.  If you’re not completely satisfied and you don’t learn anything to help you manage your home and life, simply contact me for a full refund, no questions asked.