Minutes:  Making Time to Get It All Done

Probably the #1 question Moms ask me is “How do you get it all done?”  Making time for your marriage, family, housework, grocery shopping and everything else stretches you to the limit most days.  Let an experienced (and very busy) Mom show you how to get more out of your time and keep track of your to-do’s so that you can get your stuff done without getting stressed out and overwhelmed.

  • How to use a planner (and smartphone) to stay organized.  Page 16.
  • The first thing to change to get control of your time.  Page 2.
  • How to start your morning for a calm and productive day.   Page 7.
  • Things that won’t help when it comes to time management.  Page 27.
  • Specifics for using lists in new ways.  Page 12.

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