Tips for Making a T-Tapp Workout Schedule

Whether you’ve entered the 60-Day Challenge or you’re just working on consistency, I highly recommend writing out a workout schedule.  You can use a blank calendar page or your planner to pencil in workouts, then check them off or write over them in ink when you’ve completed the workout.  Here are some tips to consider when making your workout schedule:
Choose your workouts.  Don’t schedule a workout you’ll dread and put off.  Challenge yourself but don’t force yourself into a workout you dislike.
Start with a bootcamp.  Maybe.  To jumpstart your schedule and help your body make the mind-to-muscle connections, you can start with a bootcamp.  I’m personally a fan of short bootcamps, 4-5 days.  Don’t stay in a perpetual bootcamp, and don’t do one if it’s been less than 6 weeks since your last one.  Reserve it for times when your inch loss has slowed way down or stalled.
Mix it up for variety.  If you only have one workout, do parts of it each day or alternate which side you start on.  Do extra Hoe Downs between some of the moves, or mix up tweaks from other T-Tapp workouts.  Just remember the T-Tapp Golden Rule:  you can skip moves, but don’t rearrange them.
Do a workout you haven’t done in a while.  Schedule in some TappCore moves or MORE Chair plus MORE Step Away.  Try the first half of Step It to the Max one day (up to the water break), then the second half the next day.  How about a brisk set of Jog Rocks and then some floorwork?
Alternate hard and not-so-hard.  Notice I didn’t say easy because T-Tapp isn’t supposed to be easy.  Do a week or two of harder effort:  longer workouts, more days, challenge moves before bedtime.  Then do a week or two of a lighter schedule:  short workouts or an extra day off or two days between workouts.  Or do a whole month of consistency with more challenging workouts, and pull back the second month.
Try a Challenge.  Perhaps you’re working on your tummy, so you can do Organs in Place/Half Frogs before bed every night.  Do Awesome Legs and/or Diva Derriere as a bedtime challenge for hips.  Hoe Downs after every meal is a good all-purpose “extra.”  A Challenge is usually best done for a week or two at a time.  Remember, Less is More with T-Tapp, so don’t get into the mentality of running faster and jumping higher to get results.
A well-planned schedule can help you see the Big Picture for the month.  Checking off the workouts “done” is satisfying.  Some of us don’t want to mess up our nice schedule, so take advantage of that extra motivation.  Plan your workouts, then work your plan!
Do you have a tip to share?  Leave a comment below!


  1. Thanks for the blank calendar to print out and keep track of workouts…just what I needed!!!

  2. Jan Jones says:

    thank you so much! I really appreciate the tips and the printables.  I am doing the 60 day challenge, but on my own.  Although I would love to win the prize, it is more important and achievable for me to have a private challenge.  I have had a hard time getting started, and this is just what I needed to get my motivation jump started.  Going to print the calendar, do my workout for today, then fill in the calendar for th rest of the days RIGHT NOW.  Love the picture of your peppermint roses, by the way.  They are GORGEOUS!!

  3. Shannongunther says:

    Charlotte, I am always so encouraged by reading your blog!  Thank you!  I was wondering if the “advanced” hoedowns from Lady Bug would work for after meals as the other ones do?

    1. CharlotteSue says:

      Advanced Hoe Downs are great for your core!  You can substitute them if you wish, probably a difference in cardio rate.  Definitely better than nothing.  🙂  

  4. Becky Sager says:

    Charlotte, I appreciate all your emails and tips.  You are very inspiring.  This email was particularly helpful in that I have not done much ttapp lately due to confusion and not wanting to mess up by doing it wrong.  I have an irrational fear that if I don’t do the moves right, then I’ll gain bulk or waste the time by not losing inches or weight.  I have lots of the dvds, but have been confused on what to do when and how much ..honestly much to do to see results.  I know… consistency.  I just don’t want to be consistently doing it wrong.  Anyway, this newsletter you sent how was helpful in getting me to at least want to attempt to try again and mix it up. 
    Thank you for your encouragement and steadfast example. 

  5. I’m confused about bootcamps. Aren’t we supposed to be doing it everyday anyway? Or at least almost everyday? Thanks, I’m excited about learning and doing! 🙂

  6. Charlotte, thanks for these great tips. I’ve been doing T-Tapp since Feb and love the results I’ve gotten. I’ve lost the 20 or so pounds I gained while going through menopause… it is so nice to have loose fitting clothes instead of uncomfortable tight fitting clothes. Your site always gives me encouragement and good tips.

  7. i’m just starting out t-tapp & doing the 2014 challenge….but kind of confused as to how long the workouts should be? do i do just one BWO+ dvd workout per day or do i do the BWO+ and another workout (i also have tempo & step off inches) to total 30mins or more?? help please:)?

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      ONE Basic Workout Plus is plenty! The Tempo workouts INCLUDE another version of Basic Workout, so if you’re doing a Tempo, no need to add to it. A Tempo workout is considered a “long” workout, and so is BWO+ plus SATI (together). BWO+ is a “short” workout. BWO+ is safe to do every day. Long workouts should only be done every other day. You can, however, do a “short” workout on your “off” days from long workouts. Your body might benefit from mixing it up, so have some variety between all the types. Your body will also benefit from days off!

  8. Charlotte, thanks! This is very helpful! I’m just starting T-Tapp and reading your bio was so encouraging. I also have 100 lbs to lose, so you helped me see that it really can be done. (PS, I’ve homeschooled 23 years. You would think that in itself would be a workout, wouldn’t you?)

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Remember T-Tapp’s motto: Yes You Can! Keep it doable and keep going–that’s the secret! Best wishes on your journey!

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