ttapp150_150T-Tapp Workout System:  How I Lost 100 Pounds and Nine Sizes in 18 Months


Size 22W, weighing 258 pounds and 52″ abs after having 12 babies and reaching my late 40’s:


To size 6/8 and holding…at age 53!

I lost 100 pounds and nine sizes with the T-Tapp workout. In fact, I lost more than twice my HEIGHT in inches!

IMG_3815Lately people have been sending me links to Pinterest ads that are using my before-and-after photos. They put another name on them and make it look like I used their product to lose weight. But this is the real deal—no hype.

After such amazing body transformation with the T-Tapp exercise system, I became a T-Tapp Master Trainer to help others discover the life-changing benefits of this rehabilitative wellness workout.  A workout that just happens to give quick inch loss. I have personally measured people who have lost 12″ or more in one weekend, doing four workouts.

I’m a real mom—look around on this website—you can’t fake this many photos and stories!  In fact, a friend told me that if she hadn’t seen it happen before her eyes, she wouldn’t have believed it.  She would have thought that the photos were edited!

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