Your T-Tapp Christmas List

Your T-Tapp Christmas List
by Charlotte Siems
When’s the last time you made a Christmas list for yourself? 
My children are pretty good at making theirs, turning in lists illustrated with drawings or printed in full color.  On a few items they let their imagination run wild, listing a horse or a puppy.  They also include a variety of small things their hearts desire.
How long has it been since you let yourself dream a little about what you’d put on your T-Tapp Christmas list?  What do you want to get out of your workouts?
Here are some things you might put on that list, and how you can get them for Christmas and beyond:
Inch loss – “Spinal alignment from shoulder to hip is very important….Maintaining this alignment not only empowers your body to burn fat at a premium, it also develops body-sculpting inch loss in your arms, legs, back, and belly.” 
More energy – “Fatigue, particularly among women, accounts for close to fifteen million doctor visits every year.  The best prescription for feeling run down?  Get your body moving and your blood pumping!  T-Tapp exercises may not look aerobic, but they will definitely raise your heart rate….and you’ll feel a definite energy boost!”
Flatter tummy – “Using the T-Tapp stance….every single movement in the workout engages every single muscle within the abdominal area.  What’s more, T-Tapp’s full-fiber activation of muscle tissue can uplift, cinch, tighten, and tone abdominal muscles like never before.”
Clearer thinking – “By T-Tapping, you’re practically guaranteed a boost in brainpower—even as you get older.  That’s because T-Tapp exercises are aerobic as well as mentally stimulating.”  (Not to mention how T-Tapp helps with hormone balance that can affect our thinking).
Lose the back fat – “….T-Tapp burns back fat faster than any other workout currently on the market.  That’s because the comprehensive, compound movements in this workout activate all those postural muscles—layer by layer, from the inside out.”
Now we know that these things on our T-Tapp Christmas list won’t magically appear in our stocking on Christmas morning!  But our own consistency and good form will deliver the goods.  And what a gift that is—to YOU!
*All quotes from Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp
What would you put on your T-Tapp Christmas list?  Leave a comment below!


  1. I went to the forums, and can’t seem to find any activity since 2007. Is it just dead? or am I missing something? I really wish there were more people currently doing it, to ask questions of, etc. I can’t seem to find many people anywhere still doing this, but it looks so good… I mean look at you! 🙂

      1. Aah! I found it! 🙂 I think i googled, and ended up in some archives. :/ so yes. Thank you very much! I have been doing the Diva D. for a week, and it is improving my circulation to my feet!!! So I am hooked. I love forums, though, so thanks for helping me out. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are so many ttapp workouts I want!  I want the whole package :).  My BWO+ DVD after a year of having it has broke the inside of the DVD is cracked and won’t play now 🙁 I wonder if there is anything they could do for it.  I think I want the DVD and body brush for Christmas as well as a critique of me doing BWO+ from you, Charlotte!  You are so encouraging and thank you for all you do for others.

  3. I’m with bkimberli!  At this point, after my first week results of 7 1/4 inches lost, I want ALL of the products!  ^_^  Bit by bit I hope I WILL get them.  🙂

  4. Pookietim says:

    My wish list … to be closer so I would be able to attend your events in person!  One can dream …….. 

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