Has Your T-Tapp Flight Been Delayed?

Have you ever been greeted at the airport with the news that your flight has been delayed?  It happened to me recently.  In fact, it is happening to me right now as I write. 
[break][/break]As I sit here in Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, it reminds me of delays you might experience in your T-Tapp journey.  We all have those times when we feel like we’re stuck on the runway, waiting to take off.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pick and choose our results based on our efforts?  Can you imagine a T-Tapp vending machine in the airport?  Insert a bootcamp and four workouts per week, receive 11” off and a new size.  We all know it doesn’t work that way.
If you’re currently in a holding pattern, here are some thoughts to keep you in the airplane, buckled up and ready to go:
Keep going.  This sounds obvious but how many people quit when they lose “only” an inch after a month of hard work?  It happened to me (more than once).  A month dedicated to more workouts than usual, sure that my efforts would yield amazing inch loss.  Didn’t always happen. The problem is that we dealing with a human body.  What’s going on inside in terms of rehabilitation and healing may not show on the outside yet.  But it might next month.
Keep going.  Again with the “keep going”?  I spent a year and a half staying very consistent with T-Tapp workouts, eventually going from a size 22W to a size 6.  Four years later, do you think I regret that time and effort?  Of course not.  If you stop now, do you think you will regret it four years from now?  Uh, yeah.
Keep going.  All right already.  You get busy.  Life happens.  You go on vacation, the kids are out of school, your mother visits.  Sometimes you just have to tell yourself, “so what” and push play.  Excuses sound good and we hope they’ll absolve us of responsibility but in the end, the choice is ours.
Keep going.  Okay, okay, just one more.  Remember that you don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to DO T-Tapp.  Watching the DVD, posting on the forum, reading Fit and Fabulous, opening the box and buying workout clothes are all good, but they don’t count for consistency points—or results.  “Keep going” means “keep doing.”
It can be frustrating to sit in an airport (or slow down in your inch loss) with an unexpected delay.  I could choose to leave the airport and go home but that wouldn’t get me to Chicago.  You could choose to stop your workouts and sit on the couch but that won’t get you to your goal.  How about instead we figure there’s a reason for the delay, and enjoy the journey?  I’ll get to Chicago, and you’ll get to that size.


  1. I needed this today. It has been a very slow 5 weeks for inch loss! I sure needed to read this today, now I can go start my WO and not give up! Thanks Charlotte!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad to encourage you!  (oh, and I made it home safely–on another delayed flight!)

  3. Teresa Tapp says:

    Great perspective Charlotte!  I just LOVE your way with words – they inspire so many people, including me!

    Thanks for sharing,


  4. Good reminder. I just finished a Boot Camp and then Homeschool Prep began. We are par of a Co-op. I had to organize all my homeschool books and get ready for school to start this week. Planning meetings, scheduling, curriculum organizing, and now the search for the perfect backpack (my daughter thinks this is the most important priority). LOL But really, it’s all about me learning to balance the busy and necessary with my priority to care for my body with T-Tapp. I’ve always put that on a back burner and let responsibilities overwhelm me to the point that I never exercise. I am determined to keep going. I want to be four years down the road with no regrets too. It’s similar to the “Tyranny of the Urgent.” Urgent things crowding out the important. Thank you so much for your encouraging posts. It helps to re-center me with my goals to have health as a priority in my life. I’d love to meet you sometime.

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