T-Tapp Habit Checkup

T-Tapp Habit Checkup

by Charlotte Siems

Our amazing brains are always looking for shortcuts to make our thinking process more efficient. Scientists have learned that when we act out of habit, the decision-making portion of our brain checks out. This is actually a good thing because having to re-learn every task every time we do it would be cumbersome.

On the other hand, habits can cause us to unthinkingly do things a certain way even when it’s not helpful or healthy for us.

Habits can be changed, and the first step is being aware of the things we do automatically. Here are some T-Tapp habits that might need some tweaking to benefit you:

Dreading a workout. If, upon thinking about doing a workout, we immediately think negatively about the upcoming session, we’ll set up an unhelpful thought process that will also affect our emotions. Become aware of and take charge of those thoughts!

Going through the motions. When we’ve done a few hundred T-Tapp workouts, it’s easy to think we know it well and get lazy about form. The kicker is that attention to good form and muscle activation actually gives better results in less time.

Wearing worn-out shoes (and clothes). Fitness begins with the feet, and quality, stable shoes are important. I replace my Skechers about twice a year. What we wear affects us, and cute workout clothes can be motivating and encouraging.

Getting into a DVD rut. Mixing up your routine can be good for your body and soul. Do the Basic Workout portion of different DVDs: Tempo, Ladybug and others. Throw in some Broom or Chair or Step Away! TappCore is a great way to add variety, too.

Neglecting to set goals. If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. This doesn’t have to be a big, formal deal. Something as simple as an upcoming event can be the basis for a mini-goal to break up the long stretch.

The realization that you’re acting out of habit is the first step in shifting to a new habit. Do a checkup on your own T-Tapp habits and see if you can write a prescription for change!

What T-Tapp habits do you need to tweak? Leave a comment below….



  1. Thank you for the t-tapp habit checklist. Since my mom passed April 26 I have done maybe only 2-3 t-tapp sessions. I need to set some short goals and get rid of the dreadful, awful attitude I’ve picked up over the last few months. Today I am setting a short goal to do the 15 minute basic instructional workout at least three times this week and work on taking those dreadful negative thoughts captive.

  2. I have been working out with the same DVD. I think I need to change things up a little so I won’t get bored and give up.

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