T-Tapp Ladybug Workout: Lessons Learned From a Ladybug

T-Tapp Ladybug Workout:  Lessons Learned From a Ladybug

by Charlotte Siems

First a bit of explanation: the T-Tapp Ladybug workout was designed especially for those hormonal years when women tend to gain midsection weight, hence the ladybug shape: ( )

For T-Tapp Trainers, being authorized to teach Ladybug is a separate certification process, and I received my Ladybug certification at the recent event in Safety Harbor, Florida.

Getting certified involves months of study, a mentoring program and lots of practice. The final requirement is teaching a workout on stage with Teresa Tapp herself observing, clipboard in hand, while your life hangs in the balance. I’m kidding, of course. I think.

Since sharing my T-Tapp journey is what I do, here are some lessons I learned over the past year of learning and teaching the T-Tapp Ladybug workout:

We can’t let our thoughts take over. There were many times when I had the thought to give up or put it off another year. I had to consciously, aggressively choose to think differently.

We have to be careful that we don’t define ourselves by our physical conditions (including weight, health challenges, energy levels, etc.). When we constantly drill into our minds “I have adrenal fatigue” or “I’m so tired” or “I’m fat” or “I can’t do this,” it leads to discouragement and feeling worse, not moving forward and healing.

A little adds up over time. The majority of my workouts were 20 minutes’ worth, but that built up over time until I could do the entire Ladybug Standing and Floor in one workout (67 minutes).

Ladybug is an awesome workout. Those 20-minutes segments actually improved adrenal fatigue. (Note: I don’t recommend doing the entire 67 minutes in one session if you have adrenal fatigue).

Form matters. This is where working with a trainer can help so much. A trained eye can catch the little things that make a big difference. Form, form, form is important to get optimum results with Ladybug.

Staying consistent gives results. Not a new lesson, but a reinforced one.

Good teachers and mentors push us to be our best. During my certification workout, Teresa Tapp stopped me a few times for a teaching moment. One of those moments was an absolute “ah-ha” for me physically that led to huge improvement in adrenal symptoms since that time. Rather than fall apart in despair at her corrections, I was fascinated by her tweaks to my form and I learned a lot, because I knew her heart was to teach and encourage.

Yes, I Can. And I did. T-Tapp’s motto of “Yes, You Can” is true!

One last thing. Know thyself. I know that my tendency is to look back and criticize my performance and wish I’d done better. Nonsense. I did the work to prepare and did my best in the moment. So I guarded myself from too much introspection and made a choice to celebrate the accomplishment with my family and keep moving forward. Going out to eat is a rare treat for the family and we’ve enjoyed going out twice to celebrate!

The lessons learned from Ladybug will stay with me in other areas of life. This won’t be the last time that I set a goal and work towards something that seems a little out of reach. I hope these lessons encourage you in your journey, too!

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  1. How do I find a ttapp trainer in my area? I’ve looked on the forums and have not seen anything, but I might have overlooked. I really am thinking if I had a class or someone nearby, that might help with consistency. I’m in central Illinois.

  2. Shannon Gunther says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    I have adrenal issues and I also enjoy the Lady Bug workout. So, I’m wondering if you would share what Teresa taught you that led to your improvement in adrenal symptoms since then.
    Ever so grateful-Shannon
    P.S.-It was so neat to meet you at the retreat this year 🙂

  3. Annette Hicks says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    I have moved recently from Maryland to San Antonio TX. I saw you did a class in a T-Tapp class in Perryton TX last month, but I was wondering if you ever hold classes in San Antonio? I would LOVE to take a class from you!!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Shannon, one of the big tweaks was on the actual Ladybug floor move: really, really r-e-a-c-h with the ankle on the leg straightens (while keeping opposite shoulder on the floor, of course). This really drains the thoracic area for me and works some magic!

  5. Charlotte says:

    Annette, I haven’t done a clinic in San Antonio but I’ve actually had a request or two so you never know! I’m considering traveling more for clinics next year, so if you have a facility and interested parties, email me! Kirsten Tucker is the closest trainer, she lives in Houston and travels also.

  6. Michelle Howe says:

    Charlotte, you did great with your certification, and I was honored to be able to sweat it out with you 🙂 Congratulations on becoming a Master Trainer!
    Thank you for all your encouragement regarding our thoughts. This is an area I struggle in, and right now I feel overwhelmed with all the info from the retreat, and everything I’m going to have to learn to get a PTC and do a T-Tapp cert next fall. Your advice to stay consistent and do a little at a time is just what I need. Thanks 🙂

  7. Charlotte,
    I am wondering about ordering the Ladybug workout today. Do you think this one is best taught by a trainer then trying to do it just with the DVD?

  8. Charlotte says:

    Julie, I did it for several years with just the DVD. 🙂

  9. Thanks you for the great article on this workout and your form tweaks! 🙂

  10. Hi Charlotte, I have tried to look for a trainer in the Edmonton Alberta area and no one answers my emails. I would love to learn the ladybug workout. Is it worth the money? I have the Total Workout but don’t see Ladybug in the book or in the workouts I have. I learn by doing, but if I am not doing it right I would like to know. I also have Fibromyalgia, and the 15minute plus helps me a lot! I am 62. How much is the Ladybug workout? Thanks so much.


  11. Not sure you got my latest inquiry so pardon me if I am repeating myself. I am not a techy person at all!!

    What State is the closest to Edmonton, Alberta that would have a Seminar that I could attend for either training or learning the techniques for the future? I love the sound of the Ladbug workout and very interested in purchasing that. Thanks so much Charlotte.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Hi Gale,
      Yikes, the closest state is Montana, and there are no T-Tapp trainers in Montana. You might consider a Skype training session–several trainers offer them (I don’t at this time). Try Jennifer Kent or Kirsten Tucker or Kayla Howard.

  12. Hi!

    When you respond – would you mind to let me know via e-mail, please? You can see it – right – as it is verified for this to be posted?? I am unsure how this all works.

    I hear you know a friend of mine, Emily Moore?!?

    I have so enjoyed reading your story & the victories of your continued journey!! Love it!

    Two questions: who is the closest trainer? I am near Phoenix AZ. And – what workouts should I be using?

    I have been using BWO+ and Teresa’s book as well as Putting Organs in Place & the Frog sequence. Also have tried the Diva Dierrere & Awesome Legs.

    I did BWO+ 5 days in a row last week – and start again today. I am 53, menopausal, out of shape, have dealt with adrenal fatigue, and am on a journey with my nutrition.

    I have just embraced the 5 rules of Mastering Leptin. I have considered the info on JJ Virgin’s book on identifying problematic foods & embraced the food intolerance 3 week cleansing.

    In addition to my first two questions…I have the CRT brush – thought I was also getting the DVD – but did not. Is there an on-line video that would suffice for now until I can afford Teresa’s DVD?

    What do you recommend in the 3 areas above?

    Thanks so much for your time!!

  13. My correct e-mail was submitted just now. – Jana

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